Sep 01, 2018 Accomodation Hiroshima City

Mange Tak Hiroshima, A Guest House Near Peace Memorial Park Connects Travelers and Locals

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A Guest house, “Mange Tak”  opened in August 2017. A modern and sophisticated  space with a relaxed atmosphere, is decorated with interior items imported from northern Europe. It’s at a great location only a short distance from the A-bomb Dome, and you can easily get to places like Hiroshima station and Miyajima by just taking one tram. Here are some information I got from talking with the owner, Mr.Kusunoki.

Striving to Revitalize the Community

The owner, Mr. Kusunoki, has always wanted to work on something that would remain on maps. He has designed apartments and has involved in land development. “People start living on their land, grow family there, and when that process continues for long enough, it creates a city. If a population grows continuously, the city thrives…” . However, times have changed, and population is gradually declining. Less people are building houses, and there are more unoccupied apartments.

Mr. Kusunoki tried to think of a fresh new way to encourage people to come here, and the guest house is what he focused on. By creating temporary accommodation in this city, which has two World Heritage Sites, he aimed to encourage visitors, and revitalize the area. The Sakaimachi area, where he chose to locate the business, was originally a thriving shopping district. He thought that if a new guest house was created there, the area might regain its former prosperity.

He set up the guest house in an existing building, because he wanted to use a building that was already a natural part of the cityscape.

The interior was designed to be a relaxing environment for both short and long stays, such as the wall colors, material, comfortable furniture, bed and mattress ,and so on. Mr.Kusunoki, a professional architect and interior designer, pulled out all of his best ideas to make this guest house, resulting in a comfortable, relaxing space that feels like home.

Providing a Place for Social Interaction

When he traveled to Europe searching for his furniture, he chose to stay at a local guest house. “I can find great information about the area through handmade maps, staff familiar with the area, and fellow travelers.” says Mr. Kusunoki. This belief has played a big role in the opening of his own guest house. “I want to provide a place where people can just happen to be in the same place at the same time, and then develop relationships from there. I think if there’s somewhere they can talk, the social interaction will just come naturally.”

The cafe&bar “Hygge&Fika”  is a Warm and Lively Place

The Cafe&Bar, Hygge&Fika is located at the back of the first floor. Hygge means “a warm place where people gather,” and Fika means coffee time, break time in Danish. The name of this Cafe & Bar is also the concept of Mange Tak. Mr. Kusunoki hopes that the guests will have a great time interacting with other guests from various regions in this relaxing atmosphere.

The Cafe & Bar is opened to the general public as well. Events are held on regular basis every week, and exciting seasonal events connect the guests and the locals.

A Place Provides Experiences

Mange Tak is a lively place, with local regulars, and lots of repeat guests. “I want to turn the guest house from a simple accommodation facility to a hub of social interaction, and a place where people can share their great experiences.” He’s currently thinking of a variety of events and ideas to make the guests’ visits even better. They would also like to work with other guest houses in Hiroshima to provide similar services.



Mange Tak
Address Sakaimachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima (map)
Closest Station
Hiroshima Electic Railway “Dobashi”
Website Official Website

Room Type

Type Bed Price/1day
Mix Dormitory Bunk Bed ¥3,500-
Female Dormitory Bunk Bed ¥3,500-