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Hiroshima Guesthouse Roku, Connecting People from Around the World and Hiroshima

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In June 2014, Hiroshima guesthouse Roku was made by renovating an old-fashioned single house. With the warmth of its wood and the pop colors, guesthouse allows one to feel the place for all its warmth and loveliness.

Easy Access to Hiroshima Station & Downtown

The guesthouse is a 10-minute walk away from Hakushima station, which is the last stop of the Hakushima Line trolley. Nicely located, the guesthouse is a 5-minute walk away from the JR Shin-Hakushima station, which only opened in March 2015.

It is close to Hiroshima station for those travelling by the Shinkansen, with an easy access to the tourist attraction like Miyajima and A bomb-dome.

In the Hakushima area around the guesthouse there are some quiet coffee shops and many restaurants where you can have Japanese cuisine and Hiroshima’s local dishes.It is fun even just to walk around for a bit to see the kind of stores the area has to offer.

You can find original maps handmade by the staff members. On the map, you can find restaurants that you wouldn’t be able to find in guidebooks. The friendly staff members will answer any questions you might have!

Connecting People from Around the World and Their Journeys with Roku

“Connecting People from Around the World and Their Journeys with Roku” This line has always been held dear as Hiroshima guesthouse Roku’s motto. Mako, the owner of the guesthouse, joined us for our interview this time, in which she said she would love for Roku to continue to be a place to connect people from around the world, from outside of Hiroshima Prefecture, and from within Hiroshima Prefecture.

Once you have visited Roku, the guesthouse will always welcome you back home.
What this means is that the guesthouse will keep connecting the world to Hiroshima and Hiroshima to the world. This also includes Mako’s wish that people who have been connected through Roku would be able to turn other places around the world into locations for others to meet.

Mako herself also met some guests through Roku, after which she actually went to Australia, Taiwan and some countries in Europe just to see them. This very wish trickled down from Mako to the staff members and other guests, and now, in the same way, this kind of places where people get to meet and connect is spreading throughout the world.

A Place for One to Meet Other – Tourists and Locals Alike

The spacious living & the bar have an important role to play when it comes to connecting one person to another. This place is said to have been inspired by a guesthouse in Tokyo.

Mako was a shy person to begin with, and it was never easy for her to speak to people on her trips that she didn’t, but the welcome drinks served at the bar did the magic for her. Thanks to the welcome drinks, she was able to stop by and enjoy hanging out with people. And it was out of this very experience that Mako’s very own guesthouse was born.

The big table in the center of the living room, along with the sofa on the terrace in which guests coming back to the guesthouse can just sit and relax, makes for the perfect spot for the guesthouse’s guests to spend some quality leisure time.

For those who happen to stay at the guesthouse on the same day, the place provides opportunities for people to be connected through conversations.
It is much more than just a destination for trips or sightseeing destination – it’s also a wonderful accommodation facility for people to actually embrace meeting others.

The bar is open to both the guesthouse’s guests and the public. People don’t just come to the guesthouse to stay for a few nights; there are the occasional locals who come here to down a few shots.

There are people from all age groups who come here almost every day, and one of them is a granny who’s over 70! It sure is a rare opportunity to be able to hear about Hiroshima’s interesting history straight from some of the elderly locals who have been living in Hiroshima for a long period of time.

The locals will tell you tourist attractions that only the locals are familiar with, which sure are different from the routine courses that you might have already heard about. What’s more is that you just might be able to sit down for a quick bite and a few drinks with them.Before you know it, the conversation will have taken you to places you might have never even thought of.

Here, the same day will not come twice. This is where you can actually meet people and enjoy wonderful encounters.

Happy Hour at the Guesthouse♪

Activity & Event

Various kinds of events are held at the Hiroshima guesthouse Roku. Generally speaking, there are two types of events at the guesthouse: the events organized by the guesthouse staff members, and the events held by external instructors. The events organized by the staff members usually have to do with Japan’s culture and customs.

Back in August, when I did this interview, the guesthouse was having events on BBQ and flowing somen (catch&eating flowing somen noodles from running water) , and they were even preparing to cheer for Hiroshima’s local baseball team.

There are also events in which you can taste dishes prepared by the guesthouse’s international staff. The guesthouse is also planning an event for the reconstruction effort for the heavy rains in Western Japan that happened just recently at the beginning of July.

Your time spent in Hiroshima will be that much more enjoyable and interesting if you join Roku’s events, where you will actually be able to learn in-depth about the culture of either Japan and Hiroshima.

A Place like Home, but More Than Home

Hiroshima guesthouse Roku, made by renovating an old-fashioned single house, brings you straight down the memory lane. The guesthouse is a place where you can sit around all day doing nothing and just relax.

The kitchen with the heartwarming daylight and the spacious dormitory make for the perfect places to relax for those who have just pulled through a long trip.

The staff members, who put the guesthouse’s guests before anything, are always there to keep the guesthouse clean and tidy.

Room Types (* Shower room & bathroom are shared.)

Type Bed Capacity Price/day
Twin Room 2 Futon Beds 2 ¥7,000-
Mix Domitory Bunk Bed 8 ¥2,900-
Female Domitory Bunk Bed 8 ¥2,900-


Everywhere at the guesthouse, the interiors and the miscellaneous objects that they have there are reminiscent of Japan’s good old days. You can see a lot of people who can’t hold themselves back from taking pictures.

Roku Can Be Your “Second Home” in Hiroshima

Some of the staff members who currently work at Roku have themselves stayed at the guesthouse before, and decided to come back to join the ranks of Roku because they were so deeply attracted by the place.

Other than this, a lot of people make sure that they stop by Roku when they visit Hiroshima, and some even come to Hiroshima just to stay for a few nights at Roku.

Through this interview, I finally understood that what drew so many to the guesthouse was actually the cheerfulness and the friendliness shown by Mako and the guesthouse’s staff members.

This is a heartwarming place that you sure will want to come back to, even though you might just be visiting for the first time. Come to find out and experience for yourself what the guesthouse has to offer. Get to know more about those who come to Roku and spend some quality time together!

Guest House Information

Hiroshima Guesthouse “roku”
Address 6-18 Kukencho, Hakushima, Nakaku (map)
Closest Station JR Shin-Hakushima station
Website Official Website