Sep 18, 2018 Accomodation Hiroshima City

36 Hostel, A Popular Hostel In Urban Hiroshima Where You Can Enjoy Coffee & Books

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With space filled with greenery and refreshing sunshine, a wide variety of carefully selected books, and coffee brewed with a professional machine…

36Hostel(saru Hostel), quite close to Hiroshima’s urban center in the Tokaichi area, has everything needed to have a great day on your trip. The hostel has many repeat visitors, and in this writing I uncovered its charms to find out why 36Hostel is chosen by so many people!

About 36 Hostel

36 Hostel opened just last year, on September 1st, and already has many positive reviews on the major lodging site One reason it is so popular is its great access.

Eight minute walk from the A-bomb Dome, and just a two minute walk from the Tokaichi tram stop. Also, there are many restaurants around the hostel, so it’s very convenient.

Small sign lights are installed on the building’s simple exterior, and the sign “36 hostel” rest above the entrance. It has a completely different atmosphere from the surrounding buildings, so it should be easy to find!

Thanks to its many windows, the lobby gets plenty of light and feels open and spacious. It’s a great place to listen to music or enjoy exchanging information with other guests.

These are origami cranes local people and guests folded together. Some have prayers for peace are written on them. It’s comforting to see such peaceful interactions full of warmth.

Another reason given for the hostel’s popularity is its friendly, English speaking staff. You can readily ask about good spots to visit in Hiroshima that aren’t listed in travel magazines and information about restaurants.

Room types

Well cleaned, sanitary, and comfortable spaces make you feel the added value that you’re getting more than your money’s worth.

All rooms come with free Wi-Fi, AC, and a comfortable bed, as well as a reading light with soft light. Many books are available at the shared lounge, as seen in the picture, so you can enjoy takeout while reading books.

The hotel has received comments from many guests that say everywhere is nice and clean, and that the security is great, so you can feel at ease and comfortable during your stay.


*Shower room & bathroom are shared.

Type Bed Capacity Price/day
Private Double 2 ¥6,500-
Mix Dormitory Bunk Bed 10 ¥3,000-
Female Dormitory Bunk Bed 8 ¥3,000-


The two types of private rooms each come with a double bed, and are spacious enough to be comfortable whether used by one or two people.

The Dormitory room has partition curtains, so your private time is well protected.

Besides its warm, wooden frame beds, this room also has lockers, so you can easily store your luggage and make the most of the space.

The relaxing bathroom is sure to help soothe your fatigue. Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are available in the bathing area, and cleansing products and toner are set in the washing area.

All products can be used freely. Towels are also rented out, so you can pack lightly for a more carefree vacation.

36 Hostel’s Neighboring Cafe

36hostel also runs a cafe that stands between lodging buildings. The owner, Mr. Manabu, serves delicious coffee that uses carefully selected beans from coffee roasters in Hiroshima, and Okayama.

The look of the cafe is inspired by Brooklyn. In addition to a full cafe drink menu, bread from popular bakeries in Hiroshima is also served. Moreover, the staff work hard to present special Japanese style egg toast, served on Saturday mornings only!

You can enjoy a wide variety of coffees, from fruity light roasts to dark roasts.

The cafe can be enjoyed by anyone, not just hostel guests.

There are many genres of books here, like travel and art, which were picked by the owner. You might be able to make a purchase if there are any books you are interested in.


Cafe & Book
Open 8:00am – 11:00am
5:00pm – 8:00pm
Closed Sunday

*Business hours may slightly change, so please check the instagram.

Facilities In The Area

Another charm of 36Hostel is that there’s a grocery shop and many kinds of restaurants in the area. Across from the hostel’s cafe is a crepe shop, and right beside is an Indian Restaurant, so vegetarian guests can enjoy great food without feeling stressed. Also, Peace Memorial Park is fairly close, so I would recommend trying Hiroshima style okonomiyaki or an open terrace cafe near the park!

Further, there’s a restaurant where you can eat an Organic Lunch called Social Book Cafe, Hachidori-sha in the Dobashi area, which is also nearby the hostel.

At this cafe, a special event is held where you can hear stories from people who experienced the A-bomb in English. The event is held every month on dates that include the number “6.”
It’s a valuable opportunity to hear about the history of Hiroshima from survivors.

The restaurant sapana beside the hostel has an English menu, so you don’t have to worry about ordering. You can enjoy rare types of Indian curry and Asian food, as well as a full drink menu, an all you can eat course, and a halal friendly menu.


Probably the biggest charm of 36hostel is its great access. It’s only 20 minutes away from Hiroshima station by city tram, and you can walk to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in eight minutes.

You can also enjoy a relaxing moment at a quiet, comfortable park or on a riverside bench, and even climb up the popular hiking course at Mitakiyama to refresh yourself.

From Hiroshima Station

JR Hiroshima Sta.

Tokaichi Sta.
Street Car
No.2 Boud for Miyajima
No.6 Bound for Eba

36 Hostel

From Bus Center

Hiroshima Bus Center


Making Memories Of Hiroshima

The owners are a married couple, Mr. Manabu and Mrs. Sayaka. Their son, Haru, is always full of energy. He’s a little star! The staff is friendly and very easy to approach. They are glad to help guests make great memories and new friends in Hiroshima.

Mr. Manabu says, “We want our hostel to be a place where guests can drink coffee, relax, and feel at home.” With that kind of welcoming spirit, you’re sure to enjoy relaxing time at 36hostel. If you’re looking for the perfect hostel, how about making it here in Hiroshima?

 Hostel Information

36 Hostel
2-10-17 Tokaichi, Nakaku (map)
Closest Station [Tram] Tokaichi Station
Website Official Website