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What Kind of City is Fukuyama? How to Get There and What to See!

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Where would you go if you were to travel to Hiroshima? There’s a variety of choices, such as the Atomic Bomb Dome, Miyajima, and Onomichi. But why not add Fukuyama city to that list of choices? Fukuyama city has just as much to offer as other regions. In this article, I’ll talk about what Fukuyama has to offer, how to get there, and other things about this exciting city.


Fukuyama is the second most populous city in Hiroshima Prefecture, and is situated on the easternmost side of the prefecture. The JR Shinkansen (bullet train) stops there, and it’s a very easy place to get to. For centuries, it has been an important port for the town around Fukuyama Castle and the Seto Inland Sea, and Tomonoura, mentioned in the Man’yōshū, is now a popular tourist destination. It has its own unique culture and atmosphere, distinct from both Hiroshima and Okayama Prefecture.

The Many Attractions Of Fukuyama

Every place has its good parts, and Fukuyama is definitely no exception. In this section I’ll talk about some famous locations and products of Fukuyama. For famous locations, of course places like Fukuyama Castle and Tomonoura have to come first.

Fukuyama Castle in particular is right next to the northern gate of JR Fukuyama Station, so I recommend you go there first. Make sure you don’t forget to see it when you get off at Fukuyama Station, because it’s quite close to the station.

The souvenir that I most recommend to tourist is Houmeishu. It contains the flavors and fragrances of 16 different herbs in the deep sweetness of mirin (sweet rice wine), and when people drink it for the first time they’re usually surprised by the unique flavor, but when you get used to it you’ll be hooked. When people overseas drink it, particularly in places like Europe, they say it tastes like Chartreuse, so come give it a try.

Fukuyama also has a great souvenir; Sokkuri Sweets, made by 400 year old store Toraya Honpo. At a glance they look just like curry or takoyaki, but in reality they’re made of things like chocolate and fruit. You probably won’t be able to see through the trick when you first look at them, so if you take some back as a souvenir you can surprise your friends and family.

Toraya Honpo Sansute Fukuyama
Address 30-1 Sannomaru-cho, Fukuyama (map)
Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Website Tripadvisor

How to Access to Fukuyama from Hiroshima City

Bullet Train

Price:¥4,420 Time:  30mins  Changes: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Shinkansen
(25 mins)


Price:¥1,940 Time: 2hours Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Itoszaki Sta.
JR Sanyo-line

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Sanyo-line


Price:¥2,350 Time: 1h45mins- Changes: None

Hiroshima Bus Center
(Downtown Hiroshima)

Fukuyama Sta.
Highway Bus

Limosine Bus  from Hiroshima Airport

The easiest way to get to Fukuyama is via the Shinkansen. The only Shinkansen stops in Hiroshima Prefecture are Fukuyama and Hiroshima City, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get off at the wrong stop. If you can visit between seeing the sights of Onomichi and Hiroshima then I would recommend that.  If you get off at Hiroshima Airport, then I recommend taking the airport bus. It goes straight to Fukuyama Station, and there’s no chance of getting lost, so I think it’s the best choice.

Price:¥1,850 Time: 1h5mins- Changes: None

Hiroshima Airport

Fukuyama Sta.
Limousine Bus

Click link below for the timetable,




What did you think? I hope I’ve managed to convince you that Fukuyama is just as appealing as other places like Miyajima and Onomichi. There are many other articles about the attractions in Fukuyama, so please use them as reference when you go on vacation. Go create good memories at Fukuyama!


Photo Credit: Fukuyama Convention&Visitors Association