Aug 31, 2018 Attraction Hiroshima City

Mitaki Temple, for a Quick and Easy Hike from Hiroshima Central City!

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Experience the Four Seasons of Japan at Mitaki temple

Mitaki temple is a beautiful spot that looks and feels different every season. This temple, close to Hiroshima City, is a good place to visit while out hiking. How would you like to refresh yourself and get a breath of fresh air?

What is Mitaki Temple?

Mitaki temple is also known as the 13th temple of the Chūgoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage, and one of the temples on the Hiroshima Shin-Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage. The temple’s 3 waterfalls, each from different sources, are the origin of the Mitaki area’s name. It was virtually undamaged by the 1945 atomic bomb, so it is one of the few temples that has maintained its original style.

Accessible from the Hiroshima Downtown

At only 8 minutes from Hiroshima Station, and 20 minutes walk from Mitaki Station on the JR Kabe Line, it’s easy to get there!

Best Season to Visit

You can enjoy the blooming flowers in Spring, and the intense greenery and fragrances in Summer. The Autumn colors are breathtakingly beautiful, and you’ll want to visit every year. In Winter, the temple is the height of serenity, surrounded by crisp, cold air.

Things to See

There are several structures on the Mitaki temple grounds, and many of these are important historical sites that are more than worth the visit.

Main Building

The main temple building, built in the style of the Heian and Kamakura periods (9th-13th centuries), has a wooden Amitabha statue placed there by the city.
Along the path leading up to the main building, there are several stone Buddha statues of varying sizes, and the expressions on these statues are also very interesting.


The beautiful crimson Tahoto (type of pagoda) was constructed in the Muromachi period (14th-16th centuries), and was brought over from Wakayama Prefecture in 1951 in remembrance of the a-bomb victims.
Inside the Tahoto is a wooden Amitabha statue, which is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, and the statue’s warm expression calms our souls.

The 3 Waterfalls

The 3 waterfalls in the temple, Komagataki falls, Bonnon no taki falls, and Reimeino taki falls, are the origin of the mitaki district’s name.
In the past, many monks have sat in these waterfalls as part of their sadhana training.

The Temple’s Purpose as an Atomic Bomb Victim Memorial

Mitaki temple also functions as a memorial for the victims of the A-bomb.
When the bomb was dropped, the temple was also used as a makeshift aid station, and many Buddha statues and memorials can be seen inside the temple, making it an important site that has been a part of Japan’s heritage since the Heian period.

Highly Recommended Mitakiyama Hiking

As you walk further into Mitaki temple, you will find a hiking route going up Mt.Mitaki. From the summit, you can see all of Hiroshima City and the Seto Inland Sea. Mt.Mitaki is 356 meters high, and the route is an hour’s walk for an adult, so I recommend climbing it when you have some time, as it’s a good way to refresh yourself.

Access to Mitaki Temple

Train From JR Hiroshima Station

Price:¥190  Time: 30mins Changes: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Mitaki Sta.
JR Kabe Line

Mitaki Temple

Bus From Down Town Hiroshima

Price:¥220 Time: 30mins Changes: None

Kamiyacho Bus Stop

Onomichi Sta.
Hiroshima Bus Route No.22
Bound for Mitakii Kannon

Mitaki Temple


Mitaki Temple
Address 411 Mitaki-yama, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima (map)
Closest Station Approx. 20mins from JR Mitaki Station on Foot
Open 8:00am – 5:30pm
Website Tripadvisor
Entrance Fee Free

While Mitaki temple is close to the city, it is also cherished as a place to go and calm down.
It has silently watched over Hiroshima for centuries, you’ll see something different in each of the four seasons, and that’s not even the half of it. You’ll definitely want to go and check it out.


Photo Credit: Hiroshima Prefecture