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Cormorant Fishing Show at Ukai of Miyoshi!

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Cormorant fishing (Ukai) held in Miyoshi city is fishing method found in China and Japan. Now, it’s performed as part of a show. This traditional way of fishing, which uses a cormorant bird and a beacon light, can’t be found just anywhere in Japan. This article will introduce the overview and history of Ukai in Miyoshi, as well as how to get the best deal when enjoying it!

What is the Ukai (Cormoratnt Fishing) in Miyoshi?

Cormorant Fishing, Ukai, in Miyoshi is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of the prefecture, and is a famous event in Hiroshima. The sight of cormorant birds being controlled with 6.75 meter rods, said to be longest in Japan, and catching fish after fish is truly breathtaking. The spectacle of white cormorant from Sichuan, China being handled is something you can only see in Miyoshi. Every year, many tourists board sightseeing boats and enjoy watching Ukai.

The History of Ukai in Miyoshi

Miyoshi’s Ukai dates back to the Warring States period (1467-1568), when fleeing warriors of the Amago clan started the practice after losing a battle to the Mōri clan. Afterward, Asano Nagaharu, the feudal lord of Miyoshi, refined it into its shape today (the current Ukai of Miyoshi). Ukai is a traditional fishing method with a long history. It’s even recorded in the Kojiki (Japan’s oldest historical record) and the Man’yōshū.

How to Get the Best Deal

There are actually package sets available during this period, which include passenger fare, meals, and lodging!
At Miyoshi Grand Hotel, passenger fare, a one night stay, and two meals is ¥11,000. At Business Hotel New Taka, passenger fare, a one night stay, and two meals is ¥9,500. Of these two meals, dinner will be a bento served on the boat.

Event Information

Mitaki Temple
Address Ukai Pier
Tokaichi Oyamizu park, Miyoshi-shi (map)
Closest Station 12 mins walk from JR Miyoshi station
Open June 1 – Sep 10(every night)
7:30pm(booking until 7:00pm)
Website Event Official Page

Passenger Fares and Discounts

There are two types of pricing, the “shared boarding pricing,” recommended for small numbers of people, and the “rental boarding pricing,” where you can rent out the boat as a group.

Shared Boat Fare (Sun to Thu)

Adult (Junior high school students and above) ¥3,000
Child (Elementary students) ¥1,500

Private Boat Fare

¥30,000 for an 11 person boat
¥32,000 for a sitting-boat (sits up to 10)

Also Monday to Thursday  in June and September is service day. You can board for a discount price!
Adult ¥2,200
Child ¥1,100

If used for children’s events, there’s also a “children’s special package,” which can be used to rent one boat for ¥15,000.

Access from Hiroshima City


Price:¥1,490 Time:1h20mins- Change:None

Hiroshima Bus Center

Miyoshi Sta.
Hiroden Bus
Bound for Miyoshi Bihoku

JR Train

Price:¥1,320 Time:1h20mins- Change:None

Hiroshima Sta.

Miyoshi Sta.
JR Geibi Line

*Operation Stopped PartiallyBetween Shimo-Fukawa and Hiroshima,but rail replacement bus service is available

Sway on a Sightseeing Boat and Enjoy Ukai of Miyoshi

In this article I introduced Ukai of Miyoshi. People who perform Ukai are called cormorant master (usho). They wear traditional headgear called “Eboshi” and fishing clothes, and handle the trained cormorant birds. Depending on the usho, they sometimes handle up to five birds at once! It’s quite something to see. How would you like to take this opportunity to come and see them?


Photo Credit: Hiroshima Prefecture