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Nov 3-4 in 2018! Mihara Yassa Festival -Traditional Dance&Fireworks Display

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Mihara city’s Yassa Festival is the quintessential Japanese festival, filled with energy, passion, and excitement. Have you heard of the Yassa Dance performed at this festival? The sight of the local people dancing down the street near Mihara Station and singing “Yassa yassa!” is nothing like anything you’ve seen before! In this article, I’ll cover Hiroshima’s popular Yassa Festival!

An Exciting August Night at Yassa Festival!

Yassa Festival is the Chugoku region’s most popular festival, and is held on the second Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of every August in Mihara city.  This Festival’s famous Yassa Dance originated in 1567, when Sengoku period general Kobayagawa Takakage constructed Mihara Castle and the townspeople danced in celebration. This historic festival attracts a huge crowd every year; over 300,000 people visit during the 3-day period. The townspeople’s dance and the fireworks launched at the harbor are both spectacular sights, and all of Mihara city will be filled with excitement.

Time/Venue/Schedule of Mihara Yassa Festival

On Friday and Saturday is the Children’s Yassa Dance, Traditional Yassa Dance, and tons more stage shows, dances, and events! Sunday, the last day, will feature events like The fireworks festival and Jazz festival. Every day has something new to enjoy.

Mihara Yassa Festival in2018
Venue [Dance Stage] In front of Mihara Station
1-1-1 Shiromachi, Mihara (map)

Itosaki Port
3 Itosaki-minami, Mihara
Closest Station 5mins walk from Mihara Station
Date Every 2nd Friday to Sunday
*Postponed to 11/3(Sat)&4(Sun) in 2018 due to the natural disaster.
Website Official Website

 The Highlight is the 8,000-Man Yassa Dance!

The biggest thing to see at this festival is the unique and exciting Yassa Dance! About 8,000 people will dance down the street, playing instruments like the shamisen, drums, and flutes, singing “yassa yassa.”  It’s so popular that people come from all over the country! At the festival, each division will be judged, and teams will compete with each other.  On the last day, the Fireworks Festival will be held, where they will launch two of the largest Shakudama (ball-shaped) fireworks in the Chugoku/Shikoku regions, to end Yassa Festival.

Access to Mihara Yassa Festival from Hiroshima City

JR Bullet Train(Shinkansen) from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥3,770 Time:40mins  Change: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Mihara Sta.
JR Sanyo Shinkansen
Bound for Okayam

JR Train from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥1.320 Time:1h15mins  Change: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Mihara Sta.
JR Sanyo-line
Bound for Itosaki


An Event Filled With the Traditions of Mihara City

Finally, I’ll give you one more tip! When visiting Mihara, you need to try Mihara city’s famous Yassa Manju ( a cake filled with red beans paste).  Experience traditional dancing, enjoy the classic summer tradition of fireworks, and make the most of summer in Japan!


(Photo Credit: Mihara CIty Hiroshima City)