Aug 28, 2018 Akitakata

Yoshida-Koriyama Castle, A Popular Hiking & Historical Site in Akitakata, Hiroshima

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Yoshida-Koriyama Castle, a site noted for its connection to the Sengoku-daimyou Mori Motonari, is in the city of Akitakata in Hiroshima.  Because there are many historical sites around Yoshida-Koriyama Castle, it is a high-profile spot for historic tours. Here, with a focus on the grave of Mori Motonari, I’ll introduce the must-see attractions of this Castle ruins.

What is Koriyama Castle?

Koriyama Castle which is known as the castle where the Sengoku warlord Mori Motonari resided, and made its mark on history as one of the largest castles of the Sengoku period.  No one knows when the castle was built, but it was the stronghold prior to Hiroshima Castle. The castle is constructed at the top of the hill (the castle itself) and the bottom of the hill (the village), there are still many historical sites in this area.

Starting from the Akitakata City Museum of Local History

At the base of Koriyama Castle is the Akitakata City Museum of Local History.

Akitakata City Museum of Local History
Address 278-1 Yoshidacho Yoshoda, Akitakata (map)
Closest Station 5mins walk from Yoshida Shutchosho bus stop
Open 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed -Monday
If it’s National Holiday on Monday, the following day is closed.
-Dec 29 – Jan3
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee Under Junior High School:¥150
15 or Older: ¥300


At the Akitakata City Museum of Local History, there are documents on Motonari and display on Koriyama Castle there. You can also learn about the Sengoku period through visual media, models, and so forth. If you tour Yoshida Koriyama Castle, starting from that facility will make it very easy to understand.

There are some guide maps prepared at Yoshida-Koriyama Castle. Although the route is easy to understand, it may be a good idea to use a guide map.

Highlights of Yoshida-Koriyama Castle!

If you walk from the city museum toward the top of the hill, you will find many historic relics of Koriyama Castle. The most well-known is the grave of Mori Motonari.

If you walk directly up the path, you can see the grave of Motonari and the start of the trail to the castle keep.

These are the graves of the Mori family. Including the grave of his ancestors, his older brother Okimoto, Okimoto’s son Komatsumaru, and Takamoto’s wife are lined up.

And on the upper part of the graveyard is the grave of Mori Motonari. If you continue along the route on the Dai-tsuindani remains side, you will end up at Motonari’s grave that we would like you to drop by.

Near the grave is the start of the trail to the castle keep. The view at the summit is marvelous, so if you have the physical strength, go see the great view!

Access to Koriyama Castle from Hiroshima City

When visiting Yoshida Koriyama Castle, there are three ways to travel such as car, bus, and JR. When heading from the city of Hiroshima, we recommend the buses that arrive and depart from the Hiroshima Bus Center.

By Bus

Price:¥990 Time:2h  Change: None

Hiroshima Bus Center

Akitakata Shi Shiyakusho-mae
Hiroshima Bus
Bound for Yoshida Shutchosho,(1h30mins)

Koriyama Castle



Spots surrounding Yoshida-Koriyama Castle!

There are more fun attractions in Akitakata City like a Kagura Monzen Touji Mura and Yoshida Soccer Park, the home of the soccer team Sanfrecce Hiroshima.  Koriyama Castle is in some distance away from Hiroshima city, but you will be able to enjoy Hiroshima’s history and its nature.