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Rose Park Garden -A Popular Tourist Attraction in Fukuyama

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Fukuyama is famous in Hiroshima Prefecture for being the “City of Roses”. Rose Park, one of the symbols of Fukuyama city, is centrally located and filled with roses and greenery. It is a popular attraction among overseas tourists to Fukuyama.

The Rose Park Fukuyama

Rose Park is in southeast of JR Fukuyama station. Every May around 5,500 roses (280 varieties) bloom profusely in this 3.7 acre park. People can walk around the park seeing beautiful figures and enjoying the gorgeous rose aroma.  Rose Park has been a popular place for Fukuyama citizens ever since 1956.

Facility Information

Rose Park Fukuyama
Address 1-5 Hanazonocho, Fukuyama (map)
Closest Station “Rose Park” bus stop
Open  24/7
Website Tripadvisor
Entrance Fee  Free

History of Rose Park Fukuyama

Most of Fukuyama city was destroyed by air raids during World War II. Rose Park was born when local volunteers began to plant around 1,000 rose-seedlings in 1956, hoping it would provide some hope and peace to the citizens of Fukuyama. Actions by local volunteers have managed to increase the number of roses in the park year by year.  These actions enabled the rose to be selected as the flower of Fukuyama city in 1985. Cooperation between the local volunteers and the administration helped make Rose Park the symbol of Fukuyama.

The Charm of Rose Park

Roses Named after Fukuyama City

Roses named after “Fukuyama” are particular highlights of the park.

Wolverine: Fukuyama

The red rose, “Wolverine: Fukuyama”, was named after the Hollywood movie, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2013)”, filmed in Fukuyama.

Rose Fukuyama

Also, the pink rose, “Rose Fukuyama” was named in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Municipal Organization.

Fukuyama Castle Rose

The purple rose, “Fukuyama-jo (Fukuyama Castle), was donated by the Fukuyama Rose Society in 2011.

Rose Mind Fukuyama

Finally the white rose, “Rose Mind Fukuyama”, was named in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Municipal Organization in 2016. There are also roses named after the Royal Family, as well as other rare varieties from around the globe.

Recommended Tourist Season

Depending on the kind, roses bloom usually during the spring and autumn in Fukuyama city. The most recommended time to come is in spring when the Rose Festival is held.

Spring: From early to late May
Autumn: From late October to mid November

Please note that the timing for full bloom depends on the weather.

The Rose Festival

The Rose Festival, the biggest event in Fukuyama city, is grandly held every year for two days in mid May. This Festival is supported by the Fukuyama administration and local companies. Some shops related to roses only open during the Festival, and a lot of activities are organized for all to enjoy.

The main events of the festival are the “Rose Parade”, where lots of citizens and dancing groups march through central Fukuyama, as well as the “Rose Concert”, where famous musicians come to perform. Rose Park is one of main locations for the festival. Held for an entire week, the illuminations in the park are one of the top events of the two-day festival.  The illuminated roses light up the night sky created a fantastical scene.

How to Access to Rose Park from Hiroshima City

It takes 20 minutes to Rose Park from JR Fukuyama Station on Foot, so I personally recommend to ride on Bus!

Bullet Train+Bus from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥4,600 Time:  35mins  Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Shinkansen
(25 mins)

Rose Park Stop
Route Bus “Mawa-rose”
Rer Route

Train+Bus from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥2,090 Time: 2h10mins Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Itoszaki Sta.
JR Sanyo-line

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Sanyo-line

Rose Park Stop
Route Bus “Mawa-rose”
Rer Route

Bus from Downtown Hiroshima

Price:¥2,500 Time: 2h- Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Bus Center
(Downtown Hiroshima)

Fukuyama Sta.
Highway Bus

Rose Park Stop
Route Bus “Mawa-rose”
Rer Route


Rose Park is a highly recommended tourist attraction. The rose aroma enables all visitors to feel at ease and comfortable.  Don’t miss out on Rose Park when you visit Fukuyama!


Photo Credit: Photo from Fukuyama Convention & Visitors Association