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The 3 Best Cruising Attraction in Hiroshima City

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In Hiroshima city, there are several pleasure boats that go around the rivers within Hiroshima city. There’s one connecting the A-bomb dome to Itsukushima Shrine, and one that goes around the Hiroshima Castle moat, among others. In this article, I will talk about the 3 pleasure boats operating in Hiroshima city.

Hiroshima City is the City of Rivers!

Hiroshima city, known in Japan as the “city of rivers,” has 6 large rivers. These are the Ota River drainage canal, Enko River, Kyobashi River, Motoyasu River, Honkawa River (former Ota River), and Tenma River.

It’s said that the name Hiroshima (“wide island”) actually comes from the fact that the Ota River delta looks like a large island.

When visiting Hiroshima city, city of rivers, I recommend relaxing and enjoying the scenery with a pleasure boat. From the river, there are incredible views of the A-bomb dome and Hiroshima caslte. Now let’s talk about Hiroshima city’s 3 pleasure boats in detail.

Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route, Connecting 2 World Heritage Sites

Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route Connects 2 World Heritage Sites.

The World Heritage Sea Route takes the shortest route from Hiroshima City to Miyajima , and you can enjoy the scenery to your heart’s content with no annoying transfers.

World Heritage Site Route
Address Motoyasu pier
1-9-9 Ote-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima (map)Miyajima 3rd pier
Miyajima 3rd pier Miyajima-cho,Hatsukaichi (map)
Website Official Website
Fee Adult ¥2,000-
Child ¥1,000-

Hiroshima River Cruise, Elegantly Floating Down the Rivers of Hiroshima City

Hiroshima River Cruise is a convenient way to go sightseeing in Hiroshima City. This River Cruise is special because it actually has a sightseeing guide, so you can learn more about Hiroshima. There are three places to get on, including one at Hiroshima Station, and it gracefully traverses the 4 rivers of Hiroshima city.

To get on the Hiroshima River Cruise, you need to make a reservation beforehand. You can directly contact the company running it, or you can make a reservation from another site (proxy reservation site).

Hiroshima River Cruise
Address Hiroshima Station (map)
Inside Peace Memorial Park (map)
Website Official Website
Fee Adult ¥1,200
Child ¥600

The Hiroshima Castle Sightseeing Boat Goes Around Hiroshima Castle

At Hiroshima Castle, a symbol of Japan’s samurai culture, there is a pleasure boat with a guide. From the waterside, Hiroshima castle is a beautiful, impressive sight.

With the Hiroshima castle pleasure boat, you can enjoy the scenery that changes with the seasons. You do normally need to make a reservation, but if there are free spots, you can also board on the day, so go check it out.

Hiroshima Castle Sightseeing Boat
Address Hiroshima Castle front entrance
21-1 Motomachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima (map)
Website Official Website
Fee Adult ¥1400

Check Beforehand to Enjoy a Fun Trip

In addition to Hiroshima Ccty sightseeing, the pleasure boats are also good for going to Miyajima, but depending on the tides, the schedule may be changed, and some trips may be canceled. Make sure to check the company’s SNS and official site beforehand to see what the conditions will be like. Use the pleasure boats to enjoy a side of Hiroshima that you can only see from the river.