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Saihouji Fumeikaku in Takehara City

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Saihouji Fumeikaku is in a place where you can overlook all of Takehara townscape preservation districts. It was also a filming location for the famous movie “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, and a spot fans will want to visit.

The History of Saihouji Fumeikaku

Saihouji Fumeikaku
Address 3-10-44 Honmachi, Takehara (map)
Closest Station 15mins Walk from JR Takehara Station
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee  Free

Saihouji was originally a Zen temple in Tanakamachi that was next to a temple hall. In more detail, when the Zen temple of Myohouji that used to be on this land was lost to fire in 1602, Saihouji was moved here and converted to the Joudo sect of Buddhism.

Going up the stairs into the temple’s grounds, you can see the main temple and bell tower below, as well as the Hokkai Jizo-do hall, main temple gate, and more.

Look out over the town from the Fumeikaku!

The Fumeikaku is to the right of the main temple. Built in 1758, it was constructed to enshrine the wooden statue of the Eleven-faced Kannon, the main image of worship when the Zen temple of Myohouji was still here.

I think some people may notice from the pictures, but its scarlet painted stage is modeled after Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. Takehara Townscape Preservation Districts is itself called “Little Kyoto of Aki”, and this Fumeikaku is meant to be a bit like a little Kiyomizu Temple.

This is the view from Fumeikaku. The photo was taken when the trees and shrubs were fully grown, so it’s a bit hard to see, but you can get a full view of the town of Takehara from the stage. Please come up here if you visit here!

Since it’s in a high location, cool and refreshing air flows through the Fumeikaku. It’s so comfortable you’ll want to stay and relax a while.

A Filming Location of the Girl Who Leapt through Time

Saihouji Fumeikaku is well known as a filming location for director Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1983 film, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (Toki wo Kakeru Shojo). Famous as part of the “Onomichi Trilogy,” the movie leaves a strong impression for being set in Onomichi, but many scenes were actually shot in Takehara.

For example, the place under this Fumeikaku. It’s the spot where the protagonist, Kazuko Yoshiyama, played by Tomoyo Harada, went through several times.

The location was also used in a very memorable scene, when the protagonist runs down the stairs along Saihouji at great speed during the film’s opening.

It’s been 35 years since the film was released, but if you climb to the top of the stairs and turn around, you’ll see the same old townscape from the film. It really feels like you’re in the movie!

There are many fans who analyze the movie’s scenes and take pictures from the same angles to commemorate their visit.  It’s definitely a spot you’ll want to visit if you’re a fan of the film.

Experience the Same Scenery as the Movie!

Saihouji Fumeikaku is located at the highest spot in the preservation districts, and it’s a special place where you can overlook the whole town. I myself have been to this districts several times, and every time I want to go up it! I like it that much.

Being able to experience the same world as the movie is deeply moving, and the charm is that you never get tired of visiting. Please stop by when you visit the Takehara townscape preservation districts!