Sep 24, 2018 Attraction Hiroshima City

“Owl de Base”, A Popular Café in Downtown Hiroshima!

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Okunoshima, also known as “The Rabbit Island”, and Miyajima, famous for all the deer that live there, are perfect places to hang out with kawaii animals. But if you would rather hang out with animals at a quieter, lesser-known location, look no further.

“Owl de Base”, an owl café located in the downtown area of Hiroshima. There are some rare animals at the café that you wouldn’t be able to come across everyday. Let’s dive right in and check out the place!

What Is Owl de Base?

Owl de Base is the biggest animal cafe in Western Japan. There are about 30 owls, hawks, falcons, and hedgehogs that you can hang out with and take pictures of, and you may also feed them if you would like to. Feel free to take pictures of the animals, but be sure to have your flash off so the animals won’t be scared!

Note: They serve various beverages but don’t serve food.

English Descriptions

You can find English translations for everything at Owl de Base – from the cafe’s system table to the introductions of the animals. While the owner isn’t your most fluent speaker when it comes to English, she made all of these just so that international visitors can enjoy what the shop has to offer when they visit the place. Be sure to take a look at the cards while checking out the animals.

What Kinds of Animals Are There?

Owl & Horned Owl

Owls and horned owls from around the world all hang out here. You get to see some fluffy African Wood Owl with their big eyes, or the Snowy Owl that is Harry Potter’s pet in the Harry Potter series, or the Indian Eagle Owl that are one of a kind. These little guys are what keep people coming to Owl de Base.


This cute, chubby little guy with its lovely and round eyes have about 5,000 to 7,000 needles on its back. Some people might think that the hedgehog is a kind of mice because of its name in Japanese – Harinezumi, which literally means “the needle mouse”. The hedgehog is, in fact, more closely related to the mole, which falls under the erinaceidae family.


These guys stand out even in the deep corner of the café! The hawks with their sharp claws and beaks and the falcon with its trademark Batman look are popular even among the boys.


Besides the raptors, the shop also has a meerkat. The meerkat is currently on a vacation, so I guess I will just have to come back again to see if I am lucky enough to hang out with this little guy♪

Top 3 Ranking

There are about 30 different kinds of birds at the café, and each one of them is one of a kind. What’s your favorite and why?
We spoke to the owner to find out who made the cut as the top 3 most popular birds here at Owl de Base Hiroshimia!

No.1 Snowy owl, “Muck”

Lo and behold! Muck the No.1 Snowy owl, otherwise more commonly known as Hedwig thanks to the Harry Potter series, is so popular that people have actually come to the café just to see him. Apparently, the bird’s beautiful feathers that are attached to its big body whiten as the bird ages. Come here to enjoy this big guy’s beautiful smiles!

No.2 White-faced Owl, “Kotetsu”

The White-faced Owl is a small-sized owl about 19-24 cm in length and weighs 200g. Kotetsu is actually the oldest around although he might look all cute and everything…
You can see it peeping right back at you from the counter as soon as you’ve walked into the café! There is no way you won’t go “kawaii!!” when seeing this guy!

No.3 Harris Hawk, “Amy”

Harris Hawk, Amy has turned so many of the guests into her fans with that sharp look of hers. She has been living here ever since she was a chick, and she listens to owner even when people need to snap pictures of her! Growing up with lots of love, she really came off as an intelligent, gentle and friendly bird.


By the way…here is the little guy that I have fallen head over heels in love with that I thought I would like all of you to meet!
So here it is – Vanilla the Ural Owl! I couldn’t stop snapping pictures away of this little one when this fluffy little guy looked my way with its lovely, round eyes… Later in the back, you will see even cuter pictures of Vanilla with a Toyo Carp hat!


Experience with the Animals

Experience with the animals is one thing about the café that keeps people coming to the place.
For those of you who would like to give this a try, you first need to listen to the staff members explain how it’s done, and then choose the animal that you like to hang out with. You may also choose to feed the animal you have chosen (for a fee), so don’t hesitate to let the staff members know if you are interested and want to give it a try. Honestly, nothing beats seeing the animals with their eyes closed as they eat.
If you are short on time but would still like to hang out with the animals, you can try the “864-Yen-for-30-Minute-All-You-Can-Drink Course”, and take as many pictures of the animals as you want without extra charge.

In consideration of the animals, below are some of the rules that visitors of the cafe are expected to follow. Your cooperation will be much appreciated.


  •  Kindly turn off the flash on your phone or camera when taking pictures
  •  Make no loud noises, and refrain from playing with toys that might make loud noises
  •  Please refrain from ruffling up or pressing down on the birds’ feathers, intentionally allowing the animals to bite you, pulling pranks on them or doing any such actions that might make the animals feel uncomfortable
  • You will be refused entry if you have trouble understanding the rules as a result of the influence of alcohol
  • Children under school age shall be accompanied by their guardians (up to two children per guardian)
  • Please don’t run in the café

* Please be advised that your clothing might get a little dirty if you are giving “experience with the animals” a try.
* The birds usually have their claws clenched and beaks shut, but please be advised that they might attack you with these body parts if you get close suddenly.


Having physical contact with animals helps put our minds at ease and relieve us of stress – so much so that people have actually started using the term “animal therapy” to describe such experiences.
The owner of Owl de Base have raised and taken care of the animals with love. Do come here and enjoy hanging out with these guys!

Shop Information

Owl de Base
Address Mishima bld. 4F, 1-33 Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city (map)
Closest Station Approx. 5mins walk from Hatchobori station
Open 11:00AM – 9:00PM (Enter before 8:00PM)
Closed: Thursdays
Entrance Fee 1 hour stay/¥1,620
*Extension charge/¥1,620 per hour