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Autumn Dahlia Festival in Sera Kogen Farm,The Largest Dahlia Garden in West Japan!

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This autumn, how about visiting the largest Dahlia Flower Garden in Japan? At the Sera kogen farm in Seracho, Hiroshima, the Autumn Dahlia Festival is currently being held.

A Flower Garden with 550 Types of Dahlias

At Sera kogen farm, the autumn dahlia festival is held every year from the start of September to late October. 550 types of Dahlias are planted in the Dahlia flower garden spanning 15,000㎡, and visitors can enjoy the Dahlias of various shapes and sizes.

I visited right after the dahlia festival began. Dahlias are thought to be their most splendid in mid-September, so there were many that were still budding.

There are also some dahlias of new breeds that have not even been named. Name suggestions are accepted, so it would also be good to look at them in person and make some name suggestions.

There are truly many kinds of dahlias, from traditional-looking ones resembling chrysanthemums to large and flamboyant ones. At the flower picking field, visitors can pick a flower that they like for ¥200.

Furthermore, from 6th to 8th October, 2018, flower art, depicted by about 8,000 dahlias, will be displayed. It is a perfect spot if you are aiming for a photogenic shot, so please enjoy viewing it and taking commemorative photographs.

Sera Burger

If you are visiting Sera kogen farm, how about enjoying gourmet food and experience events as well? I recommend the popular Sera burger, with 800 sold in a day!

This burger, which won an award in the national local burger grand prix, is made using a generous amount of locally-produced ingredients, including Sera kogen pork. It is packed with volume and incredibly juicy, so please give it a try.

Flower Cafe

The “Flower Cafe” is also holding a pressed flower strap making workshop. How about making your memories tangible?

Price Small :¥500
Large :¥700
Time 15mins

Double Entry Ticket for the Dahlia Festival & Autumn Rose Festa

If you visit Sera kogen farm in late September, the “Dahlia Festival & Autumn Rose Festa Double Entry Ticket” is a great bargain. From September 22nd, Sera Kogen Flower Forest, which is beside Sera kogen farm, is holding the “Autumn Rose Festa.”

It is a wonderful event where, other than dahlias, there is a beautiful rose garden and many experiential programs such as workshops have been organized, so how about going around the two flower gardens? Sera kogen farm and Sera kogen Flower Forest each cost ¥800 to enter.

On the other hand, the “Dahlia Festival & Autumn Rose Festa Double Entry Ticket” costs ¥1,300 (¥650 for children) to enter both gardens, and is highly recommended.

How to Access to Sera Kogen Farm from Hiroshima City

Guests may use public transportation all the way inside Sera-cho. However, to reach Sera Kogen Park, guests need to use shuttle buses, taxis (15-20 mins), and rental cars. There are also “Sera Kogen Flower Touring Bus” available for a limited time.

High Speed Bus

Price:¥4,090      Time: 1.5h       Change: None

Hiroshima Bus Center

Kozan Office
Peace Liner
[Bus Stop No.6]

Sera Kogen Farm
*Up to 4 people

The Information of Autumn Dahlia Festival

This seasonal festival will be open until October 21st (Sun), 2018. Also, the surrounding farms are holding various flower events such as cosmoses and roses, so please spend some time visiting them.

Sera Kogen Farm Autumn Dahlia Festival
Date Sep 8(Sat) – Oct 21(Sun) ,2018
Address 1124-11 Bessako, Sera-cho, Sera-gun (map)
Open  9:00am – 5:00pm
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee Adults ¥800
Children ¥400