Oct 01, 2018 Art Onomichi

How Many Can You Find? The Fukuishi Cats of Onomichi Cat Street

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What are Fukuishi Cats?

Fukuishi Cats are cats painted on round stones and placed around Ihatov Onomichi by the artist Shunji Sonoyama. Ihatov is what Mr. Sonoyama would call a utopia. He places his Fukuishi Cats all over Onomichi City, with more than 1,000 to find!

All of them are handmade and none of them has exactly the same face. The designs are warm and inviting, and Mr. Sonoyama hopes that his art will bring a small bit of happiness to anyone who finds one of his Cats.

108 Cats on the Cat Trail!

The Cat Trail: Paradise for Cat Lovers

The Cat Trail is just below the very popular Senkō-ji Park. It begins just to the left of the Senkō-ji ropeway and continues along a narrow path under the shade of hundreds of camphor laurel trees all the way to Ushitora Shrine. It’s such a dynamic change from the bustling city streets just beyond that it feels like you’re being transported to another world!

A short ways into the entrance of the Cat Trail is this hand-painted map. It shows the various coffee shops as well as spots where cats frequently appear, so it’s very easy to understand. 

Cat Trail “Neko no Hosomichi”
Address 19-26 Higashitsuchidocho Onomichi, Hiroshima (map)
Closest Station 15 mins walk from JR Onomichi Station

Try Counting the Cats!

The Cat Trail is the place where the most Cats are gathered. In just this small area there are said to be a total of 108 Fukuishi Cats. Can you find them all?

You might be thinking, “Hah! There’s only 108 of them.” But counting them is harder than you think. Sure, some of them are large and easy to spot, but many more of them are smaller and hidden in clever locations throughout the trail.

Some of them are even covered in moss and blend in with the roadside so well that even if you’re checking the stones one-by-one you may still miss some.

To make things harder, there are other catlike items strewn about the area, so it can get confusing! Some are on roofs, some are mixed in with lucky cats… but looking for them is all part of the fun! See if you can find all 108!

Fukuishi Cats Aren’t The Only Cats In Town!

Our round painted-cat friends aren’t the only ones you’ll find. In fact, you might be walking down the street when suddenly…

You might spy this little guy! Other cat decorations await you near the entrances of shops, so be sure to check those out while you’re taking a break from searching for the elusive Fukuishi Cats.

What’s more is that you might even meet some actual cats while searching! When I visited Onomichi City, I was unexpectedly greeted by this cute grey tabby cat myself.

Sometimes the cats hang out under the shade in front of the cafes, such as the popular Misha no Habu Cafe. However, please remember to not feed the cats! There are even some Fukuishi Cats inside the shops, so don’t forget to look!

How Many of Them Can You Find?

Ah, the many shapes and sizes of the Fukuishi Cats.
When I went, I found 43 of the Cats… the journey to all 108 is a long one, to be sure. Well then, how many Fukuishi Cats can you find?