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Sera Kogen Farm -The Best Garden To See Beautiful Flowers in Hiroshima

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Sera Kogen Farm is a farm with a vast amount of land, and many events are held there throughout the year. It is especially popular with families, and bustles with people during periods with consecutive holidays.

Many kinds of beautiful flowers bloom across the fields and hills, so it’s perfect for picture taking! In this article, I will talk about how you can enjoy the seasons at Sera Kogen Farm.

Make The Most Of The Four Seasons

Sera Kogen Farm is a sightseeing farm in Sera-gun in Sera-cho. The symbol of this farm is its retro, handmade windmill, built in 1994.

The farm’s main attractions include its 700 thousand tulips of 300 different types that bloom across a six hectare hill, as well as its 11 million sunflowers that bloom in summer. You can also enjoy food made with fresh ingredients at the cafe and restaurant.

Shops Inside the Farm

Inside the farm there are flower shop, farm restaurant, and flower cafe. Food ingredients and accessories are sold at the shop. In summer, there are also workshops, in which you can try painting wind chimes.

You can enjoy a light meal at the restaurant, or even have a BBQ on its terrace! It’s quite luxurious. You can make fun memories with someone special while surrounded by nature at this farm.

Annual Events

Tulip Festival


[Mid Apr – Mid May] The Tulip Festival, which is especially lively during Golden Week holidays. All the different colored tulips make an amazing sight.
There are also special events held where you can pick the flowers or collect flower’s bulbs you’d like, so please be sure to check them out!

Sunflower Festival

[End of July – Mid Aug] 11 million sunflowers of 50 varieties bloom in the biggest sunflower festival in the country by number of flowers. See, play, and enjoy the events held here, such as the sunflower maze and sunflower tower.

Dahlia Festival

[Sep – End of Oct] 25 thousand dahlias of 450 varieties bloom at the Dahlia Festival, making it the largest scale dahlia festival in western Japan. The dahlias come in many different colors, and it’s impossible to see them all at once!

The Facility Information

Sera Heights Farm
Address 1124-11 Bessako, Sera-cho, Sera-gun, Hiroshima(map)
Closest Station Approx. 1 min walk from Bus stop, Kouzan Eigyosho
Open 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed When there is no events
Website Official Website 
Entrance Fee  Adult: ¥800
Child(4-12): ¥400

Entrance fee

*Pets are allowed in the garden, so you can also enjoy a walk with your pets. It’s also okay to bring lunch boxes in the garden, so why not enjoy having a picnic?

How to Access to Sera Kogen Farm from Hiroshima City

Highway Bus
Price:¥2,400      Time: 1.5h      Changes: None

Hiroshima Bus Center
Kozan Office
Chugoku Bus
Peace Liner


Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Harvest Festival!

Harvest Festival will also be held at this farm on the last Saturday and Sunday of October, during the period of the Dahlia Festival. There, you can harvest from 20,000 daikon radish for ¥100 each.

I recommend going to see the dahlias after the harvesting experience to unwind. Please enjoy some relaxing time with your friends or family surrounded by rich nature!


Photo Credit: Sera Town Sightseeing Association