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“monokoto Store” in Hiroshima City, Where Japanese Traditional Crafts & Arts Are Gathered

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What Kind of Store is monokoto store?

monokoto store is a shop that handles an assortment of general items such as vessels, decorative accessories, jewelries, bags and so on made by about seventy artists and companies selected from all over the country, with the concept of sharing Japan’s tradition, culture, and art.

Located on “Urabukuro” Street

monokoto store is located in one area of a street called “Urabukuro,” that runs parallel to the south side of Hondori Shopping Arcade, the largest shopping street in Hiroshima.

This is the Hondori Shopping Arcade. It bustles with 100,000 people on weekends.

To the right of the end of that Hondori Shopping Arcade is Parco and Starbucks Coffee, through which you pass to find monokoto store on the street to the right of the second intersection.


Look out for the glass door and blue noren curtain.

What Are The Popular Classic Products at monokoto store?

The staff of monokoto store select the products that are carried in the store. They say that they value the emotions that the creator put into creating the items, and the stories behind them when making the selections.

I asked the store staff, which products are top sellers at monokoto store.

Kimura & Co. Palm-Sized Ceramic Bells And Dolls

The first item is KIMURA&CO.’s “retro-modern toys”, inspired by Japan’s traditional toys. Each of them is handmade by artist living in Nara Prefecture, and apparently, there are many that have the motif of a “beckoning cat” or “owl,” which are loved as auspicious items that bring in good fortune.

Most of them are miniature in size at about 5-8 cm, making them convenient to carry around. Apparently, many of the staff are also fans as they are incredibly adorable.

Lacquer Artist Mai Masuoka’s Jewelry

The second is the jewelry made by lacquer artist Mai Masuoka. They are made of wood such as cypress etc, so surprisingly light when held!

Apparently, the white rectangular earrings in the photo are coated with lacquer and eggshells. A product embodying a combination of Japan’s tradition and modern art, a perfect souvenir from Japan.

What Products Are Recommended For Commemorating My Trip To Hiroshima?

Among the products personally gathered from all over the country, there are many products born locally in Hiroshima. Among those, let me introduce some products that are perfect for your memorable souvenir.

Miyajima Osunayaki Pottery (sake cup) by Yamane Taigendo

How about a sake cup from “Miyajima Osunayaki Pottery” made with osuna (sand) from Itsukushima Shrine by Yamane Taigendo, which operates its ovens on the shore opposite Miyajima, a prominent sightseeing spot in Hiroshima?

It has a very unique shape. You have to drink all of your sake in the cup when you drink with Triangular Sake Cup (left in the photo). Yurarinko (wobbler), with its lovely round shape wobbles when poked with a finger. Each is a mature yet playful product.

Oyster Delicacy Set Made Wholeheartedly by Oyster Specialty Store, Kakiya

This is an oyster delicacy set made wholeheartedly by Miyajima’s oyster specialty store, Kakiya, and featured in “Michelin Guide Hiroshima 2013 Special Edition.”

The set includes Oysters in Oil, Oyster Dressing, Oyster Seasoning for Rice, and Oyster Soy Sauce. The oyster dressing, full of oysters made into paste, can be used to flavor many kinds of dishes, including salad and pasta.

monokoto store’s Original Washi Tape

Lastly, I would like to introduce monokoto store’s original washi tape. This was designed by Koji Nagai from ALLEZ CIRCUS, a collage artists living in Hiroshima.

The motif is Miyajima’s deer. It is also priced affordably and is suitable for giving to many friends as souvenirs.

Monthly Bono Bake Day

Every first Sunday of the month (change of the day is likely to happen) at monokoto store, a traveling sale is conducted by BonoBake, which sells mainly Montreal-style bagels and also cereals, jams, focaccia and so on.

BonoBake is a popular bagel specialty store in Hiroshima City. If your schedule allows, how about visiting it? By the way, the bagels stop being sold once they are sold out!

Events, Pop Up Stores and Gallery on the 2nd Floor

The second floor, which can be accessed by the spiral staircase at the back of the first floor in, is an event space. It hosts pop-up store and gallery by artists and shops in Japan, regardless of field. Each time, it catches the attention of many people.

Information is constantly publicized on their official website and Facebook, and apparently, they also receive inquiries from overseas. These events are irregularly held, so please check out the information.

Shop Information

monokoto store
Address 2-5 Fukuromachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima (map)
Closest Station 5mins walk from Hiroshima Dentetsu, Hondori Station
Open 10:00am – 7:00pm
Closed Thursday
Website Instagram
Official Website
Tel 082-545-1115
*English is available