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Explore the Charm of Fukubijin Sake Breweries!

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At the mention of Saijo Sakaguradori, the 12 red brick chimneys along the street are widely regarded as its symbolic sight. Of these, the highest chimney belongs to Fukubijin Syuzo (Fukubijin Brewery).

Its Osake no Unchikukan (The museum of profound knowledge about sake) which is open for public access, showcases various historical exhibits and offers water from a well said to be able to transform whoever drinks it into a beauty.

This time, let’s find out more about this brewery and the things to take note of when planning a visit to here.

What is Fukubijin Syuzo?

Fukubijin Syuzo was established in 1917 led by brewery owners and contributions by volunteers and became designated as a training academy for touji (the chief craftsman making sake in a brewery) thus earning it the nickname of Saijo’s school of breweries.

This brewery not only makes sake which consistently wins the gold award at the National Research Institute of Brewing’s annual new sake appraisal but also nurtures promising talent to become top touji masters at breweries nationwide.

The Secret Behind The Water Of Bijin No Ido Offered To The Public

At Fukubijin Syuzo, its Ebisugura (Ebisu Warehouse) that is open to the public, has a unique spot which you should not miss. As featured in the photo, the Bijin no Ido (Beauty’s Well) provides water used in brewing sake and is said to make those who drink it become beauties.

It has a soft and refreshing taste which is ideal for sake brewing. Since the well water is also offered to the public for free, it is common to see locals bringing their buckets and bottles along to get the water for their use.

By the way, other breweries in Saijo also offer the water they use for sake brewing to guests for tasting, so you might want to keep this in mind and sample these as you go around visiting the various breweries here.

Check out the Astrological Sign Bottles and an Enormous Barrel at Ebisugura

There is still more to see at Ebisugura as seen from this photo of an enormous barrel. In 1950 when the local professional baseball team, Hiroshima Toyo Carp was in financial difficulty, there was a donation exercise involving the residents of Hiroshima City which eventually saved the team from bankruptcy.

It was precisely this same first-generation barrel utilized at the brewery which was used to hold the donations from back then. Even till today, some of the visitors to Ebisugura still put money into this barrel.

In addition, there are various sake labels of Fukubijin on the walls of Ebisugura. Especially worth checking out are the Chinese astrological signs bottles which are well-known nationwide and is a signature item marking the end of a year.

Sample and Buy Alcoholic Drinks

At Ebisugura, besides seeing the exhibits, you can also purchase alcoholic drinks and original merchandise to bring home. Conduct a fun sampling session here where you can buy sake by the cup and savor different types of wine with your friends!


Two Warehouses

Within the Saijo Sakaguradori area, Fukubijin actually has two warehouses. The Daikokugura (Daikoku Warehouse) that is located furthest from Saijo Station is not opened to the public, so please take note of this. As for Ebisugura, it is located in a narrow alleyway so it may not be easily spotted. Just look for the tallest chimney at Saijo and head towards there to get to Ebisugura.

Facility Information

Fukubijin Shuzo Brewery
Address 6-21 Saijo Honmachi, Higashi Hiroshima (map)
Closest Station 6 mins walk from JR Saijo Station
Open 9:00am – 4:30pm
Closed Irregular
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee Free