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Sera Lily Garden “Autumn Flower Festival” From Gigantic Flower Art to All-You-Can-Eat Grapes!

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Autumn Flower Festival is being held for a limited period of time at Sera Yurien, the lily garden in Sera district, about two hours by bus from Hiroshima city.

In the garden, there are many things to see, including the all-climate Lily garden with the largest variety in Japan, flower art made out of Salvias and Celosia argentea, and a spot where Petunias are in full bloom.

What’s more, during this period, there is information that there are all-you-can-eat grapes…! I made my way to Autumn Flower Festival immediately.

The Largest Flower Art in Japan! Autumn Flower Festival

At the Autumn Flower Festival held at Sera Yurien, you can enjoy the largest flower art in Japan, with Petunia, Celosia argentea, and Salvia in full bloom.

It is a flower field filled with Salvia and Celosia argentea…

But from the top of the hill, they form flower art of “Heisei” in Chinese character. By the way, the word “Heisei” refers to the Japanese era name that ends with the year 2018.

Also, there are many things to see in the garden, including a spot where Petunia of all colors are in bloom, and a spot filled from end to end with Cosmos.

*The image is from when the event was previously held
Scenery that is photogenic everywhere spreads far and wide. Please view the official homepage for the flower blooming information.

Furthermore, the large house on the side of the entrance to the garden has many blooming Lily of various colors. It is all-climate, so they can be viewed even in the rain. The Lily flower-picking experience is also extremely popular.

Eat All the Grapes You Can at No Cost!

During the Autumn Flower Festival event period, you can eat all the grapes you can at no cost!

Once you enter Sera Yurien, you can eat as many grapes as you would like, making it extremely popular among adults and children.

This is when grapes come into season. During the event period, there is an all-you-can-eat until there are no more grapes, so how about taking the opportunity to enjoy seasonal grapes?

Event Information 2018

The Autumn Flower Festival 2018, which is currently being held at Sera Yurien, will be open until early November.

Various flower events such as Cosmos and Dahlias are being held concurrently at neighboring farms, so it is also recommended to go around and have a look during the time you can spare. This autumn, please enjoy Autumn Flower Festival in 2018 at Sera Yurien.

Autumn Flower Festival in 2018
Sep 8 – Beginning of Nov in 2018
Venue Sera Lily Garden (map)
413-20 Mt.kongen, Kurobuchi, Sera
Open 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed Open every day during flower festival
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee Adult: ¥800
Child: ¥400