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Parking Area Eden no Umi, Nice Rest Spot near the Seto Inland Sea

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Here, I will introduce a spot in Tadanoumi which was used as a setting for Kei Wakasugi’s novel, “Eden no Umi,” as well as the movie adaptation of the same name.

It’s just a simple parking area along interstate 185, but it’s a great spot to get an amazing overlooking view of The Seto Inland Sea.


Parking Area Eden no Umi
Address Nagahama 3 chome Tadanoumi, Takehara-shi (map)
Closest Station JR Kure Line: Aki Nagahama, Tadanoumi
Open 24/7
Website Tripadvisor

The place is along interstate 185. It’s a small parking area facing the sea right next to Tadanoumi high school. Interstate 185 is registered in Scenic Byway Japan, and the road is called R185 Sazanami kaido.

The road stretches over the whole seaside, so you can get a good look at the sea while enjoying a drive. If you plan on sightseeing in this area, I think the best ways to travel are car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

The Origin of the Name “Eden no Umi”

The name Parking Area Eden no Umi is taken from a film adapted novel by writer Kei Wakasugi called Eden no Umi. There’s a panel which introduces the work at this parking area, so it’s a good idea to read it while taking a breather.

The writer himself was used to be a high school teacher after graduating from university, and this novel was written based on his experiences at the Tadanoumi Prefectural Girl’s High School (present day Tadanoumi high school).

The novel is a youthful story that shows the relationship between a new teacher transferred from Tokyo and a student girl. The story has been made into a movie three times, and has also been adapted as TV drama.

Allow me to use an introductory remark from Genyo Takahashi found at the site:

“Eden is the garden where Adam and Eve are said to have lived. The author felt the water of life and the vigor of youth in this scenery, and therefore named it Eden.”

Your imagination runs wild thinking about the setting for that kind of work, and when you look at the scenery, you can certainly feel the youthfulness.

Let’s Take Pictures of the Amazing View!

There is enough room for several cars in the parking area, and there is a gazebo if you go up the stairs. A roof is here, so you can sit on a bench, take in the scenery, and put your body and mind at ease. There are also restrooms and vending machines at the parking area, so you can take a break at your own pace.

There’s even a landmark on the side facing the sea that lets you know where good pictures can be taken!

Here’s a picture taken from that spot. It was taken right as the sun was starting to set, but since it was taken in June, it’s quite bright. The setting sun sinking into the sea makes for perfect scenery, so it’s probably a good idea to try going near sunset.


Address 3-4-10 Nagahama,Tadanoumi,Takehara-shi (map)
Closest Station 13mins walk from JR Kure Lline “Aki-Nagahama Station”
Open 11:00 – Sunset
Closed Monday
Website Tripadvisor

You can see CAFÉ HOXTON on the right side of the road on interstate 185 when heading towards Parking Area Eden no Umi from Takehara. The building’s design is inspired by boats, and inside you can sometimes enjoy live musical performances.

There are terrace seats available, but The Seto Inland Sea can be viewed from inside as well. You can relax and take in the view while enjoying lunch and tea. The cafe is open until sunset. Please consider stopping by on your way to Parking Area Eden no Umi!


A View You’ll Want to Admire Until Sunset

Parking Area Eden no Umi, along R185 Sazanami’s seaside road, from where you can enjoy the dynamic scenery. Please stop by for a relaxing rest, preferably on a sunny day in the middle of a drive or bike ride.