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Come Whenever You Like! the Charm of Mihara, Setouchi

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Mihara is a castle town constructed by Takakage Kobayakawa, the third son of Motonari Mori. You can still see traces of this throughout the city, but the most striking thing is the castle remains (tower) sticking out of the Shinkansen station; are there any other cities with such a strong impact as this?

Around JR Mihara Station

Outside the moat, which contains koi fish which were released to commemorate 450 years since the construction of Mihara Castle where you can relax and look at the beautiful stone walls. Mihara Castle is a famous castle that also served as a naval port, and was also known as Ukishiro Castle, Floating Castle, as during high tide, it appeared to be floating on the sea.

Ruins of Mihara Castle 
Address 1-1-1Shiromachi, Mihara-shi (map)
Closest Station Right at Mihara Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen, Sanyo Line
Open 6:30am – 10:00pm
Website TripAdvisor
Entrance Fee Free


Around the castle, there are several temples that were moved there when the castle was built, and it’s a good place to go walking through the streets and collecting the red seals!

Mihara Port

You can also take a boat from Mihara Port, only 5 minutes’ walk from JR Mihara Station, to Okunojima, popularly known as Rabbit Inland. (Only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Mihara Port
Address 3-1-1 Shiromachi, Mihara-shi (map)
Closest Station 5mins walk from JR Mihara Station
30mins by taxi from Hiroshima Airport

The Seto Inland Sea National Park, Mt. Fudekage

Grab a rental car and drive to The Seto Inland Sea National Park, Mt. Fudekage! You can see all the beautiful islands of The Seto Inland Sea. In spring, the cherry blossom around the viewing platform, and from late autumn through winter, you might be able to see the rare weather phenomenon known as sea fog!

Mt. Fudekage
Address Sunamicho, Mihara-shi (map)
Closest Station 17mins by car from JR Mihara Station
40mins by car from Hiroshima Airport
Website TripAdvisor

Octopus Cuisine

And when you’re talking about Mihara, you can’t go past the delicious octopus! The islands on the sea of Mihara, which has the most islands even in Hiroshima, have clear waters with a consistent temperature, and lots of rocky places where crabs and shrimp live, so it’s a perfect environment for the epicurean octopus!

Experience the taste of these delicious octopi, who live in a place with a fast current, so they’re lean, and they have thick short legs.

Mihara Yassa Festival

Some of the biggest attractions in Mihara are the Festivals! In Mihara, they have huge festivals held each year, as well as local festivals, and events held by members of the public, so there’s lots to see and do throughout the year.

My biggest recommendation however is Mihara Yassa Festival. It’s known as the most famous summer festival in the Chugoku region, and gets over 300,000 visitors.  It’s held on the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) containing the 2nd Sunday of August every year, and at the yassa dance held over 2 days, about 8,000 dancers parade around Mihara station.

In the fireworks on the 3rd day, the crowd is entertained by 2 huge ball fireworks.

More Information: Mihara Yassa Festival -Traditional Dance & Fireworks Display

Mihara Yassa Festival in2018
Venue [Dance Stage] In front of Mihara Station
1-1-1 Shiromachi, Mihara (map)

Itosaki Port
3 Itosaki-minami, Mihara (map)
Closest Station 5mins walk from Mihara Station
Date Every 2nd Friday to Sunday
*Postponed to Nov.3(Sat) & 4(Sun) in 2018 due to the natural disaster.
Website Official Website


It’s about 30 minutes’ ride on the Shinkansen from JR Hiroshima station, and if you’re using a rental car, if you go from the Hiroshima IC to the Mihara Kui IC, you can get there in about 45 minutes. With all this information, you can come to Mihara whenever you like! We’ll keep posting more information about Mihara, including the best spots and seasonal cuisine that you can enjoy throughout all four seasons, so stay tuned!

JR Bullet Train (Shinkansen) from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥3,770      Time:40mins      Change: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Mihara Sta.
JR Sanyo Shinkansen
Bound for Okayama

JR Train from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥1.320      Time:1h15mins      Change: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Mihara Sta.
JR Sanyo-line
Bound for Itosaki