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8 Awesome Things to Do in Hiroshima Other than World Heritage Sites

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Hiroshima is located in the west region of Japan. It is very famous for 2 world heritages sites, the A-Bomb dome and Itsukushima shrine. But,  are there any interesting things to  do in hiroshima? I would say  “Of course, there are so many things to do in Hiroshima!” In this article, I’d like to present 10 awesome things to do in hiroshima other than world heritage sites.

Kosanji Temple and the Hill of Hope (Onomichi)

The Hill of Hope (Miraishin no Oka) is a white marble garden set against the backdrop of a blue sky which is located at Kousanji Museum in Setoda-cho, Onomichi City.

Kousanji Temple was initially built by the first chief priest Kouzanji Kouzou as a show of his gratitude towards his mother. The construction process took more than 30 years from 1936 before it became the dignified-looking temple it is today.

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Sandankyo River Cruising (Akiota)

Sandan-kyo (Sandan Gorge) in Akiota-cho is one of the most well-known secluded spots in Hiroshima where many people come to have fun while hiking or enjoying the hot springs.

Although there are many things you can do here, I would recommend taking ferry rides here where you can pass through the gaps between the rock walls and take in unrivalled and dynamic views of the gorge.

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Finding Unique Jizo Statues at Daishoin Temple (Miyajima)

Daishoin Temple, the oldest temple in Miyajima is a 30-minute walk from Miyajima pier and is also a mountain climbing route, was opened by Kobotaishi, Kukai, in 806. It is a temple that has a history as rich as, and an origin as ancient and honorable as Itsukushima shrine, a famous sightseeing spot in Miyajima.


There are many guardian deities of children at Daishoin Temple. They are uncountable and there are many tourists who come to see them. Many unique guardian deities in dotted throughout the compound, so it is recommended to slowly walk around while looking at them.

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Visiting Owl Cafe “Owl de Base” (Downtown Hiroshima)

“Owl de Base”, an owl café located in the downtown area of Hiroshima. There are some rare animals at the café that you wouldn’t be able to come across everyday. Let’s dive right in and check out the place!

There are about 30 owls, hawks, falcons, and hedgehogs that you can hang out with and take pictures of, and you may also feed them if you would like to. Feel free to take pictures of the animals, but be sure to have your flash off so the animals won’t be scared!

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Visiting the Town of Sake Brewing (Saijo, Higashi Hiroshima)

About a 35 minute train ride from Hiroshima. Getting off at Saijo station and taking an immediate left at the nearest street, the sake brewery with white plaster walls and traditional houses of Japan are lined up together in a nostalgic townscape.

One of Saijo’s famous local foods is Bishunabe. It’s made by sauteing pork or chicken with garlic, then stewing in sake. The alcohol content is cooked away, leaving only the rich flavor of sake behind. The flavor is rich yet refreshing. You can try it at Franceya, which is operated directly by Kamotsuru sake brewery at Sakagura-dori.

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Free Matsuda Museum Tour in English (Aki District)

Did you know that internationally renowned car manufacturer Mazda has its headquarters in Hiroshima? They hold Mazda Museum tours, where you can learn about Mazda’s car manufacturing process, and they take lots of visitors for free. We’ll go over some of the highlights on the Mazda Museum tour, as well as how to apply, access, etc.

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Visiting Local Shrines

Hiroshima has lots of places to see, such as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, or Miyajima in the middle of the ocean, but did you know that there are also a lot of shrines and temples with a deep history in the area? Let me introduce you  10 of the top shrines and temples, so you can pray for safe travels while sightseeing.

The 10 Best Shrines and Temples in Hiroshima!

Joining Local Events!

Hiroshima Prefecture hosts many festivals, such as the flower festival, the Three Big Hiroshima Festivals, the Toro Nagashi, and more! There are so many events that one may wonder which one to choose.

Here is a list of recommendations for the best events and festival throughout the year in Hiroshima Prefecture!

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