Oct 26, 2018 Attraction Mihara

Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea! Enjoy a Pottery Experience in Mihara City

Studio Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea

Pottery Studio, “Polepole” is located in the same city as Hiroshima Airport; Mihara City. Built on the coast, the pottery items in this high-ceilinged pottery gallery greet you as you enter the red door on the white walled studio building. When you go through the gallery, don’t miss out on catching a glimpse of the amazing view of the Seto Inland Sea seen from the back of the studio.

Visitors can not only enjoy viewing and buying amazing pottery here – there is also a children’s area, as well as the breath-taking view of the “Islands of Beauty” in the calm Seto Inland Sea.

Female Pottery Artist, Asuka Yasuda

Asuka Yasuda went to the U.S. alone in 2001 to study pottery at Glendale Community College, California.
She participated in her first public exhibition, “President’s Show”, in 2005 at Pomona, California, and her work was selected for the competition. Returning to Japan in 2009, she went on to open up her very own studio, “Polepole” (meaning “at ease” or “relax” in Swahili). During the same year, she also exhibited for the first time at the “Female Pottery Artist Public Exhibition”, as well as holding her very own solo exhibition, “Birth of Polepole”.
The studio and gallery moved to its current new facilities in 2017.

Asuka Yasuda’s pottery pieces predominately all express her own take on unique geometrical patterns common in nature, such as the sun or trees, etc. She also makes lots of pieces using a sky blue color; a rare color used in the Seto Inland Sea region. This color goes amazingly well against the backdrop of the sea, though!

Warmly Welcoming Visitors from Overseas!

Trial pottery classes are also available at the studio (reservations required). Each person on the trial class gets 300g of clay, to make either a teacup, rice bowl, or flat fish. They can make their choice via pottery methods such as himo-zukuri (coil-building) and tatara-zukuri (slab-building). First-timers can rest assured as guidance can be given every step of the way. This guidance can also be provided in English upon request.
The finished piece of pottery will be fired at the studio and sent to you at a later date.
*Please note that the shipping fee is not included in the price of the trial lesson.

Pottery Class  Information
Age From 3 years old
Time 2 hours
Price (Materials, Firing and Glazing fee are included) Child (3 yrs – 6th grade): ¥2,000
Adult: ¥2,500
Payment Method Please pay in cash upon arrival.
Cancellation Policy Please inform any cancellations as soon as possible.
*Cancellations on the day have to pay the full cost of the trial lesson (via bank transfer or cheque).

*Return of Goods: Finished pottery piece will be shipped to you approx. 1-2 months after being fired.
Customers must bear the cost of shipping.


Pottery Studio, PolePole
Address 1-5-25, Sunami Nishi, Mihara City, Hiroshima (map)
Open Tuesday – Saturday,
10:00am – 4:00pm
Closed Sunday, Monday
Tel 0848-51-7864
*Reservations for the class is accepted at any time.
Car Park Available

How to Access

By car

From Hiroshima Airport—35mins
From JR  JR Hiroshima Station—1h20mins
From JR Mihara Station—13mins

JR Bullet Train(Shinkansen) from Hiroshima Station

Price:¥4,090      Time: Approx. 40mins        Change: 1

Hiroshima Sta.

Mihara Sta.
JR Sanyo Shinkansen
Bound for Okayama
Mihara Sta.

Bound for Sunamiso-mae

Limousine bus from Hiroshima Airport

Price:¥1.140      Time:1h      Change: None

Hiroshima Airport

Mihara Sta.
Limousine bus
Bound for Mihara-ekimae
Mihara Sta.

Bound for Sunamiso-mae

Step Inside the Shop to Get Delicious Takoyaki Before a Beautiful Sea View

The scenery on the way to the studio is as breathtaking as the scenery when you arrive!
Making a day of it and stopping by various places along the way via rental car or taxi is highly recommended. Sunamiko Port is one location which particularly shouldn’t be missed out on!
This port, located in Mihara City, is one of several along the Seto Inland Sea cultivating octopuses.
“Sunamiko Shoten” provides generous portion of octopus in the Takoyaki(octopus ball), so why not to drop by?

Sunamiko Shoten
Address 1-2-1, Sunami Nishi, Mihara City, Hiroshima(map)
Open 10:00am – 4:00pm
Closed New Year’s Day


Oct 26, 2018 Attraction Mihara