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The Charm of the Hiroshima City Transportation Museum

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The Hiroshima City Transportation Museum located approximately 30 minutes away from Hiroshima City by train, is a science museum with many vehicle models and interactive exhibits. Because you can see models not only from Japan but also from around the world, it is an establishment that both children and adults can enjoy. Here, I will deliver the appeal of the “Hiroshima City Transportation Museum” to the max!

What is The Hiroshima City Transportation Museum?

At the Hiroshima City Transportation Museum, there are more than 2,000 vehicle models and limited time exhibitions, and actual jet aircraft turbine fins and screws of ships are displayed. In addition to being able to learn the history of vehicles, you can enjoy operating bicycles and trains in the interactive exhibits. 1st floor and the outdoor plaza are free of charge, but 2nd floor and beyond are paid areas.

Enjoy The Vehicles of The World

On the 2nd floor, models of aircraft, ships, railway transportation, and bicycles are on display. You can also find out how vehicles were invented, and the details behind how they got their present day form.

There are many people who become unknowingly fascinated with the exhibits that number over 2,000. There may also be exhibits that make you think “How nostalgic!”.

This is a model of the “Eba Tenma Sculling Boat” that is used to carry the shrines used in the Miyajima Kangen-sai Festival. It is also designated as a Hiroshima City designated important intangible cultural asset.

Experience Riding with A Simulator

On the 2nd floor, there is a simulator where you can experience riding a bicycle or train (Mobius Loop). Simulators where you can experience driving a train are rare, so children who love vehicles will surely be pleased. How about trying it together as parent and child?

Vehicle City

On the 3rd&4th floor of the museum is an atrium, where there is a huge panoramic model of the virtual city called “Vehicle City” on display.

You can actually operate vehicles such as trams and ropeways with the panorama model.

Enjoy Interesting Bicycles Outside

In the outdoor plaza, there are interesting bicycles that you can try out at ¥100 for 30 minutes. The way they look is certainly unique, but so is the manner or riding these bikes!

There are also many bicycles available that a parent and child can operate together, so how about taking advantage of that by all means?

Visitor’s Guide

Here is an introduction to a visitor’s guide to the Hiroshima City Transportation Museum.


Adult ¥510
Elderly(Aged 65 and over) ¥250
Youth(15-18) ¥250
Child (Under 15) Free

*For the Exhibitions on the 2nd to 4th Floors
*Free of charge on Saturday.

Facility Information

Hiroshima City Transportation Museum
Address 2-12-2, Chorakuji, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima (map)
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The ticket office for the exhibition and Funny-Shaped-Bikes (Omoshiro-Jitensha) ride opens until 4:30 p.m.
The day after national holidays,
End of the year
New Year’s holidays
(from December 29th to January 3rd).
Website Hiroshima Transportation Museum Website

How to Access

Hiroshima City Transportation Museum is convenient to reach if you use the Astram Line. Apart from directly coming from Hiroshima City, it is also possible to transfer from JR lines.

From Hiroshima Station

Price:¥500 Time: 30mins Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Shin-Hakushima Sta.
JR Train

Chorakuji Sta.

Numaji Transoirtation Museum

From Downtown Hiroshima

Price:¥400 Time: 35mins Changes: None


Chorakuji Sta.

Numaji Transoirtation Museum

As A Sightseeing Spot for Families

Hiroshima City Transportation Museum is the perfect sightseeing spot to bring your family, as it is greatly accessible from Hiroshima City. Because it is an indoors exhibition, you can also enjoy it on rainy days. Why don’t you try visiting once?