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Tips to Enjoy a Long-selling Confection, Momiji Manju

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Momiji Manju is the most famous local cake in Hiroshima and has been loved by Japanese people.

It’s a maple leaf shaped with Azuki bean paste filling in castella-like dough. Taste the famous cake appreciated by Japanese people during your visit to Hiroshima.

Why the Manju Is Maple Leaf?

The first Momiji Manju was produced in 1907 during Meiji Period based on the idea of Tsunesuke Takatsu and it was called “Momijigata Yaki-Manju (Baked Maple Leaf Shaped Manju Cake)”.

It is said that a luxury Ryokan, Iwaso located in particularly beautiful Momijidani Park, Miyajima asked Takatsu to create a tea cake inspired by maple leaves.

Approximately 1000 maple trees in Momijidani Park display a stunning view in autumn. Besides Momijidani Park, there are many autumn maple leaves viewing spots in Hiroshima such as Sandankyo gorge and Taishakukyo gorge.

Actually, maple tree is designated as the Hiroshima Prefecture’s Tree, which has further promoted Momiji Manju among the locals as well as people in Japan.

Present Momiji Manju

The original Momiji Manju had only one filling choice, smooth azuki bean paste. Today, various manufacturers produce different types of Momiji Manju and over 100 kinds of manju are available.

Traditional smooth azuki bean paste, roughly mashed azuki bean paste, custard cream, chocolate, matcha cream and cheese cream are new standard fillings.

Also, limited edition by the season as well as original Momiji Manju created by each confectionery shop are available, for example, chewy moist dough-made Nama Momiji (by Nishikido) which does not use traditional soft sponge dough and rich cream cheese filling Frais Frais Momiji (by Fujiiya) which is required to be kept in fridge and more.

Since many shops in terminal stations and department stores sell various Momiji Manju cakes, find your favourite Momiji Manju.

Taste Momiji Manju in Miyajima

Currently Momiji Manju is available throughout Hiroshima. However, the birth place of Momiji Manju, Miyajima offers unique Momiji Manju available only in the island.

Taste homemade Momiji Manju at local confectionery stores when you visit Miyajima. Freshly cooked hot Momiji Manju is sold at the shop front.

Freshly made Manju tastes extraordinary delicious. You can taste it only in the island, therefore, stop by a shop selling freshly cooked Momiji Manju when you spot it.

Some shops have a simple tea lounge where you can enjoy fresh Momiji Manju.

Fried Momiji Manju

In recent years, fried Momiji Manju called Age Momiji has become popular. Age Momiji is an original product of Momijido, Miyajima and is served only at the shops of Momijido.

Enjoy crispy fried Momiji Manju! A branch store of Momijido is in Hiroshima Station. If you had no chance to taste it in Miyajima, visit the branch store.

Its Age Momiji Set allowing you to fry Momiji Manju at home is also sold there. It’s an ideal souvenir.

Momiji Manju Hand Baking Experience

People can experience Momiji Manju baking at Yamadaya Main Shop. Your own handmade Momiji Manju would taste exceptional.

Children age 5 and over can participate in this experience.You can make your family travel memorable.

Yamadaya Main Shop
Address 835-1 Miyajima-cho,Hatsukaichi-shi,Hiroshima
Open 9:00a.m.-5:30p.m.
※Booking is possible until the previous day.
※Please ask staff at main shop directly to know your schedule of that day.

Closed December 29. – January 4.
Website Tripadvisor
Price ¥756 (with tax) (Including a souvenir)
Time Weekday
10:30am/1:00pm/2:15pm/3:30pm 4times/1day
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
9:45am/11:00am/1:00pm/2:15pm/3:30pm 5times/1day

A piece of Momiji Manju costs about ¥80. You must not miss taste popular Hiroshima’s local specialty cake, Momiji Manju when you visit Hiroshima.