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Tour at Hattendo Factory, Hiroshima’s Long-standing Dessert Shop

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Hattendo is a long-standing Japanese dessert store in Hiroshima which has been in business for more than 80 years.

Its signature cream buns are well-known not only in Japan but also worldwide.

You will be able to participate in tours of Hattendo’s factory and café located near Hiroshima Airport and learn how to make bread there.

This time, let’s find out more about Hattendo, its factory tours and bread making experience workshops!

What is Hattendo’s cream bread?

Although Hattendo is known for being a traditional Japanese dessert shop at its hometown in Hiroshima, it is quite unlike the usual Japanese dessert shop as it makes and sells mainly sweetened buns.

Its cream buns feature the Japanese element of simple tastes with the Western element of the best pure cream.

As such, these finished products are actually more similar to cream puffs than buns.

The cream buns which are left in the fridge overnight before cream is injected into them, offers a light sweetness unlike Western desserts which may be a bit overpowering for some.

As such, customers will be able to enjoy a moist bun with the melting cream together.

If you are in Hiroshima, you will be likely to see these buns being sold at various locations such as Hiroshima Airport and mobile wagons.

Enjoy a Tour of the ” Cream Bun” Factory!

The Hiroshima Mihara Rinkuu Factory located near Hiroshima Airport offers 5 factory tours daily except during the end and beginning of the year.

Although you will need to make prior reservations for these tours, there is a chance that you may be able to secure a spot by walking in if the tour is not fully booked.

Another thing to note is that the factory tour is conducted in Japanese only. Even if you don’t understand what is explained, being able to observe the production process up close will be an invaluable experience.

For all participants of the factory tour, they will be given freshly-made cream buns which will come in a special limited-edition packaging unlike what’s sold outside.

Factory Tour
Venue Hiroshima Mihara Rinkuu Factory
10064-189 Zennyuji, Hongocho,Mihara-shi(map)
Closest Station Approx. 13mins walk from Hiroshima Airport
Date&Time Available every day except the New Year holiday period 
①9:30am-10:05 am
(5 times daily)
Website Official Website
Admission Fee / Ticket Price Free of Charge
*There is a charge of ¥500 although the English version of the website indicates it as free of charge.

Enjoy Making Your Own Bread at Cafelie Experience Studio!

In Hiroshima Mihara Rinkuu Factory, there is a Hattendo Cafelie which comprises of a café, shop and experience studio.

Besides enjoying the food and drinks here, how about taking on the challenge of making your own bread here?

The “Waku Waku Breadmaking Experience” offers various programs where you can bake the buns shaped by yourself on the spot or try injecting the cream into buns and wrap them with original packaging.

There are no other charges other than the participation fees and availability is on a first-come-first-served reservation basis.

However, you may be able to join the sessions on the spot if there are empty spots so please check with the staff at Cafelie.

Howe about making your one-and-only dessert bun here in Hiroshima?

Waku Waku Breadmaking Experience
Venue Hattendo Cafelie
10064-190 Zennyuji, Hongocho, Mihara-shi(map)
Closest Station Approx. 13mins walk from Hiroshima Airport
Date&Time Available every day except the New Year holiday period
* Timing subjected to change
* Please enquire with the staff for reservations of 1 person or more than 20 people.
Website Official Website
Admission Fee / Ticket Price ¥1,000 (Inclusive of tax)