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Soba-Making Workshop at the Toyohira Soba Dojo

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Of the many kinds of Japanese foods, soba noodles are perhaps the one that piques the interest of many tourists visiting Japan.

While they are delicious eaten as is, if you had chance, wouldn’t you want to try tasting soba noodles that you made yourself?

This time, I’ll take you on a trip to the Toyohira Soba Dojo in Kitahiroshima, where they hold hands-on workshops on making soba noodles.

What Is the Toyohira Dojo?

The Toyohira Soba Dojo is a soba-making facility inside “Toyohira Donguri-mura/Donguri-so”, a leisure and activity spot located in northern Hiroshima.

Under the guidance of seasoned noodle-makers you’ll get to experience making your own soba noodles and after that, you can either take home your creation or eat it right there.

In addition to programs geared towards beginners, there are also courses for the more advanced.

If you pass a test and receive a ranking, you can then set your sights on becoming a master of making Toyohira-style soba!

By the way, if you take part in the workshop twice, you can attain the rank of “Jun-Shodan” (pre-first level) even without taking the test, so getting a rank during your stay in Hiroshima is more than possible.

A Casual, Relaxed Workshop for Making Toyohira-style Soba

With the exception of closed days and other significant days such as the year-end and New Year holidays, soba-making workshops run every day at the Toyohira Soba Dojo.

You can visit empty-handed as all equipment, aprons and of course, ingredients are prepared for you. There are enough materials at each table to make soba noodles for five people.

Although parties ranging from one to five members can participate paying a single flat fee, from my experience, I found keeping the number of participants in the party to a minimum (one to three people) makes it easier to work.

The process of making soba noodles is broken down into three steps: “kone” (kneading the dough in a wooden bowl), “noshi” (rolling out the dough) and “hocho” (literally meaning “kitchen knife”, it is the cutting of the dough).

Simple in appearance, soba-making is deceptively hard. The thickness of the dough is measured in millimeters. The master noodle-maker’s compassionate, yet strict directions bring up feelings of nervousness!

Every step in the process takes time and effort, but that’s proof you’re on the way to a delicious final product.

When the knife cuts into the rolled-out dough, the soba finally takes shape.

Even if it is a little on the thick side, maintaining a consistent width while cutting will make for beautiful soba noodles.

Once you put them into the container in a way so they don’t get twisted, you will have finished making your very own original hand-made soba noodles!

You can take your hand-made soba home with you, but you’ll have to finish them the same day. Since you have the chance, why don’t you try tasting some freshly-made soba?

The tasting does cost extra, but you’ll be served freshly-made soba noodles boiled to perfection.

Toyohira-style soba is known as a “nihachi soba” (or literally “two-eight soba”, referring to the ratio of flour and buckwheat, respectively, used when making the noodles), and is characterized by its smooth texture and ability to not get soggy too quickly.

Please enjoy the tastes unique to freshly-made noodles.

Dojo Entrance & Soba-Making Workshop
Venue 2609 Tsushimi,Kitahirohsima-cho, Yamagatagun (map)
Closest Station 3 mins walk from Ryuzuyama Tozanguchi bus stop
(Ride the bus bound for Kotodani from the Hiroshima Bus Center)
Date&Time 11:00 a.m.-/2:00 p.m.-
daily except on Tuesdays/the year-end and New Year holiday /the opening day of the Soba Matsuri
Website Official Website
Ticket ¥3,400 (1–5 people, flat fee)
Tasting: ¥220/person

Accommodations and Hot Spring

Toyohira Donguri-mura, where the Toyohira Soba Dojo is a part of, has a lodging complex and hot springs, and is a place where you can have fun the entire day.

In addition to the soba-making workshop, there are many different ways you can spend your time here from enjoying the scenery throughout the four seasons to relaxing away in the hot springs, so what do you say to making a memorable experience at the nature-surrounded Toyohira Donguri-mura?

Toyohira Donguri-mura
Address 12069 Tsushimi, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamagatagun(map)
Closest Station 3 mins walk from Ryuzuyama Tozanguchi bus stop
(Ride the bus bound for Kotodani from the Hiroshima Bus Center)
Open Varies depending on area
(Toyohira Donguri-mura is a shopping and leisure complex)
Closed Varies depending on area
(Toyohira Donguri-mura is a shopping and leisure complex)
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee Varies depending on area
(Toyohira Donguri-mura is a shopping and leisure complex, entrance is free)