Nov 18, 2018 Attraction Hiroshima Prefecture

Introducing 4 Most Recommended Spots to View the Autumn Foliage

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The beautiful season of autumn and its foliage are upon us when you can catch Hiroshima at its most splendid best.

4 Most-recommended Spots to View the Autumn Foliage

Generally, the leaves will start to change color from October to late November, starting with Miyajima followed progressively by other places within Hiroshima Prefecture.

This time, I will introduce four most-recommended spots to admire the spectacular autumn foliage which is bound to impress you more than any well-taken photographs. Do check out these places if you can!

Miyajima (Itsukushima Shirine) – Hatsukaichi city

Head to Miyajima which has the most beautiful autumn

At the mention of tourism in Hiroshima, the most famous places of interest would have to be Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Genbaku A-bomb Dome or Miyajima. Actually, autumn is said to the best season to visit Miyajima where the beauty of Itsukushima Shrine and its torii gate are accentuated by the surrounding mountains and autumnal tints.

No doubt any season would be great to visit Miyajima, the autumn view is truly a sight to behold especially with the comfortable weather suitable for a leisurely stroll.

Besides visiting Itsukushima Shrine, you can also head to Momijidani Park or climb up Mount Misen.

However, due to the huge crowds from nationwide and overseas during weekends, it is best to visit during a weekday.

Public transport options to Miyajima are aplenty and convenient so do consider coming by during this season.

How to get here (From Hiroshima Station to Miyajima)

By JR train

Fare: ¥590 / Required time: 50mins

Although it is a bit more expensive, I would recommend taking a JR train instead.

JR Hiroshima Station

Miyajimaguchi Station
Sanyo Main Line
Iwakuni: 30 mins

By ferry: 10 mins ¥180


By Hiroshima Electric Railway (tram)

Fare: ¥440 / Required time: 1h30mins

Hiroshima Electric Railway
Hiroshima Station

Hiroden Miyajimaguchi Station
1 h15 mins ¥260

By ferry: 10 mins ¥180

-For more details: 3 Ways How to Access Miyajima from Hiroshima City

The Huge Gingko Tree of Sandankyo and Tsutsuga – Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun

Relax in the Best Way Possible with the Autumn Foliage and Nature Around

As compared to Miyajima, autumn arrives at Sandankyo earlier.

What’s attractive about the autumn foliage views here is how you can admire the surrounding nature including waterfalls, the river and birds at the same time. Even though you will need to go through a trekking course to get here, Sandankyo is still a place suitable for everyone of all ages to bask in the negative ions, relax and admire the autumn foliage.

This place is located in the north of Hiroshima Prefecture so you can do a day trip to here by making use of public buses.

In addition, do check out the huge gingko tree located within the grounds of Tsutsuga Taisai Shrine located about 3 km away from Togouchi IC.

This tree which was selected as a natural monument of Hiroshima Prefecture, is estimated to be more than 1,100 years old, measures 49m tall and has a circumference of 8.2m.

During autumn, the area surrounding the tree looks like a golden carpet and the tree actually looks bigger than it is.

Although it is a slight distance away from Togouchi IC, if you have the opportunity to go to Sandankyo, it will be worthwhile to swing by and see the huge gingko tree of Tsutsuga as well.

How to get here

■By car
15 mins away from Togouchi IC of Chugoku Expressway by going straight on National Highway No.191

■By bus
Fare: ¥1,230 – ¥1,490 / Required time: 1 to 2hrs
*Note that the operation schedule will differ between weekdays and weekends as well as public holidays.

Hiroshima Bus Center

(Take either bus)
Hiroshima Electric Railway -Sandankyo Line
Hiroshima Electric Railway -Sandankyo Line

2 h 10 mins


1 h 15 mins





For more details:

Ozekiyama Park – Miyoshi City

Be Awed by the 360 – Degree Panoramic View of the Beautiful Autumn Foliage Lighted up at Night

Ozekiyama Park is located in Miyoshi City which is in the north of Hiroshima Prefecture. You will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the autumn foliage as you walk in the park during the day.

At night, the park takes on a different look, thanks to the light-up which is traditionally associated with the sakura season.

Although it can be slightly inconvenient to get here, the autumn foliage light-up will be a strong reason for you to make the trip. Don’t forget to check out the observatory too as it offers a charming bird’s eye view of the city!

How to get here

* When using public transportation, I would recommend taking buses although it may be slightly more expensive.

■By car
15 mins from Chugoku Expressway Miyoshi IC
10 mins from Onomichi Matsue Line’s Miyoshi Higashi CI

■By bus -Recommended!
Fare: ¥1,650 / Required time: 1h40 mins
*As there are very few trips from Hiroshima Station, it is more convenient to take the bus from Hiroshima Bus Center.
Please take note of the different operating schedules between weekdays and weekends as well as public holidays.

Hiroshima Station/
Hiroshima Bus Center

Miyoshi Station

Bihoku Transport / Hiroshima Dentetsu bound for Miyoshi, Shobara and Toujyou

Operating schedule (Japanese only)

1 h 30 mins ¥1,490

Ozekiyama Park
(Take either bus)
-Bihoku Transport Akana Line/Sakugi Line bound for Ozekiyama Park
-Chugoku Bus bound for Ozekiyama Park
10 mins ¥160

■By bus + train
Fare: ¥1,370 / Required time: About 2hrs
* Note that the operation schedule will differ between weekdays and weekends as well as public holidays.

Hiroshima Station

Shimofukawa Station
JR Geibi Line bound for Shimofukawa 25 mins ¥240

Miyoshi Station
Substitute Bus (JR Geibi Line partially closed)
as of November 2018

Operating schedule (Japanese only)

1 h 30mins ¥970

Ozekiyama Park
(Take either bus)
-Bihoku Transport Akana Line/Sakugi Line
bound for Ozekiyama park
-Chugoku Bus bound for Ozekiyama Park
10 mins ¥160

Taishakukyo (Shinryuko) – Shobara City

See the Magnificent Autumn Foliage Reflected on the Lake Surface up Close

Taishakukyo is a 18 km-long valley at Chugoku Mountains located in Shobara City which is in northeastern Hiroshima Prefecture.

There is a lake named Shinryuko inside Taishakukyo – National Park which attracts numerous tourists with the surrounding autumn foliage and its beautiful reflection on the lake surface.

You can either choose to walk around the lake and admire the sights by crossing the three red bridges namely Shinryubashi, Sakurabashi and Momijibashi or take the cruising boat or kayak to enjoy the view up close.

Besides the autumn foliage, spend some time checking out the local delicacies or stay overnight to spend some quality time here.

As the frequency of the public transport options is few, please ensure that you factor this in when making your plans.

How to get here

■By car
20 mins from Chugoku Expressway Toujou IC

■By bus
Fare: ¥2,110 – ¥2,160 + Taxi fare / Required time: 2h40mins
*Take note of the limited number of trips available and that the operation schedule will differ between weekdays and weekends as well as public holidays.

Hiroshima Station
/Hiroshima Bus Center

Toujou eki mae

Bihoku Transport/Hiroshima Electric Railway
boud for Miyoshi, Shobara and Toujou

Operating schedule (Japanese only)

2 h 30 mins ¥2,160
*from Hiroshima Station¥2,110
*from Hiroshima Bus Center

Ozekiyama Park
Taxi 10 mins  


Two Other Spots within Hiroshima City for the Autumn Foliage

For those who still want to see the autumn foliage in Hiroshima City but cannot afford to spend time travelling far away, there are two spots within the city which you can head to.


Shukkeien is a Japanese garden located in the middle of Hiroshima City which is easily accessible.

The refined garden creates a beautiful harmony with the autumn foliage which you would hardly imagine can be seen in the city.

There is also a Momiji Matsuri (autumn foliage festival) and night light-up so do check these out while you are here.

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Hiroshima Yuugaku no Mori

Besides the autumn foliage, you can see various types of flowers and trees all year round here.

There is a Momiji Matsuri held for a limited period only so it is especially popular with those seeking beautiful Instagram shots, families and those bringing their pets for a stroll in the vast park.

For those who wish to enjoy the autumn sights while surrounded by nature, this is the place to be at.

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Bonus ~Why Does the Maple Leaf Come to Mind at the Mention of Hiroshima~

Although you can view the autumn foliage anywhere in Japan, the maple leaf is especially famous in Hiroshima as it is incorporated in the prefecture’s logo.

In addition, there is a local signature souvenir called momiji manju made to look just like a maple leaf.

Given that Hiroshima is one of the best places in Japan to admire autumn foliage, you should definitely come by to see it for yourself during this season!

This is my top recommendation from Hiroshima – “Deep-fried momiji” which is only available at Miyajima.