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Tomonoura: A Town of Nature and History in Fukuyama City

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This may be a sudden question, but have you watched the film “Ponyo”? It was released in 2008 in Japan, and  the US in August 2009 , so you might have seen it. “Ponyo” is set in the town named Tomonoura where is in Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture. Here, we will introduce the numerous attractions of Tomonoura, such as the streets that have remained from olden days, and gourmet.

What Kind of Place is Tomonoura?

Tomonoura is a port town located on the southern tip of the Numakuma Peninsula in Fukuyama City. The town surrounding the Tomo port is called Tomonoura, and is designated by the government as one of Japan’s cultural properties under the name of “Tomo Park”.

Tomonoura is famous for the extent that when talking about Fukuyama City’s tourist spots, which is the first name to come up. If you are traveling to Fukuyama by train, we recommend getting off at the JR Fukuyama station, and then using the Tomotestu Bus or taxi.

Tomonoura’s Old Street Remains and Ports

In Tomo, the port town of Tomonoura, there are old streets that have remained since the Edo period. Because of this, the town was chosen as one of the top 100 urban landscapes in Japan, and as one of the top 100 beautiful Japanese historic areas.

Tomonoura is also the only port in the country to have preserved a whopping five harbor facilities from the Edo period. Only Tomonoura has so many facilities that remain from the olden days.

Also, because it is a port town, the view of the sea from the port or lighthouse is magnificent. Of course morning and evening are beautiful, but in the evening,  lanterns called “Joyato” are lit up, so you can see various views.

Exquisite Cuisine & A Ship Ryoma Sakamoto Was On

Ryoma Sakamoto is one of the most famous historic person in Japan. If you are familiar with Japanese history, you might know of him. “Irohamaru”, the ship closely linked to Ryoma ,sails around Tomonoura. Unfortunately, this is not the real ship from back then, it is a replica.

However, the retro interior lends a historical atmosphere, and you can enjoy it while feeling the breeze from the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. You can ride the ship at ¥240 per ride at the port run by Fukuyama City, so if you have interest, definitely try it out.
Tomonoura’s attraction is not just its history and scenic views. Tomonoura has flourished from red snapper fishing since approximately 400 years ago, so there are many ryokans and restaurants that serve red snapper dishes. As such, you can eat a variety of red snapper dishes such as “Taimeshi ” mixed rice with red snapper, rice tea porridge with sea bream called “Taichazuke” and Rramen with red snapper.

My favorite restaurants are “Chitose” and “Taitei”. I highly recommend visiting these two places as their Tai-meshi are spectacular.

Tomonoura Uodokoro Taitei
 Address 550-4 Tomocho Tomo, Fukuyama (map)
Open Weekday 11:30a.m-2:00p.m 5:30p.m-9:00p.m
Sunday 11:30a.m-3:00p.m  5:30p.m-9:00p.m
Closed Wednesday
Website Taitei TripAdvisor


Address 552-7 Tomo Tomocho, Fukuyama (map)
Open 11:30a.m-3:00p.m
Closed Tuesday
*If it’s a national holiday, closed on Thursday
Website Chitose Tripadvisor

How to Access from Hiroshima City to Tomonoura

Bullet Train

Price:¥4,970 Time:  1h-1.5h  Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Shinkansen
(25 mins)

Tomo Port
Tomotetsu Bus


Price:¥2,490 Time: 2.5hour-3h Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Itoszaki Sta.
JR Sanyo-line

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Sanyo-line

Tomo Port
Tomotetsu Bus


Price:¥2,900 Time: 2h-2.5h Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Bus Center
(Downtown Hiroshima)

Fukuyama Sta.
Highway Bus

Tomo Port
Tomotetsu Bus

*If you are departing from downtown hiroshima, this is the cheapest and easiest route!


There are still many more attractions in Tomonoura, and here we only introduced some of them. Apart from being a tourist destination, there are fulfilling accommodation facilities such as ryokan, so try going and visiting Fukuyama once. This relaxing town will surely heal your everyday fatigue.

Photo Credit:  Hiroshima Prefecture & Fukuyama Convention&Visitors Association