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Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum -A War & Peace Museum Housed in a Bombed School Building

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In Hiroshima City, there are several buildings which were hit by the atomic bomb during World War II such as the A-bomb Dome.

Of these, Honkawa Elementary School was the nearest school to the atomic bomb site.

Its school building has since been converted to the Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum which conveys the tragedy of war and importance of peace even till today.

This time, let’s head to Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum and find out how it’s like!

What Is Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum?

Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum which features information about the A-bombing back in World War II, was opened in 1988 and housed in part of the school building which was hit by the bomb.

This photo shows the diorama display of Hiroshima after it was hit by the A-bombing. As you can see, only a cluster of buildings remained in the aftermath including the A-bomb Dome.

The rest of the area was burnt down but surprisingly, Honkawa Elementary School was not completely destroyed despite being near to ground zero. This was because the building was made of reinforced concrete which was a rare thing in that era.

Although the exterior of the building looks rather unaffected by the bombing, you will still be able to see burnt marks on both the exterior and interior thus reflecting how serious and tragic the A-bombing was at that time.

By the way, the school building had been used as a temporary first-aid station and crematorium before. As such, when the building was to be torn down, there were bones and ashes found from back then.

Highlights of Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum is made up of two levels i.e. basement level 1 and level 1.
Let’s head to the basement level first to see the exhibits there.

I am unable to include the introduction of the photo panels this time but you will be able to see scars of the war left behind all around as you move around in the building.

Do pay attention to both the photo panel displays and the facilities which were hit by the A-bombing.

This is the switchboard which had been burnt and covered with rust.

This is a wall on the inside of the building which was burnt due to the heat from the atomic bomb.

You can tell how strong the atomic bomb was because it had enough power to burn down a building made from reinforced concrete.

However, the wooden door frame which should be weak against heat was left intact.

It could have been that it was underground so it did not bear the full brunt of the impact.

This is one of the remnants uncovered from the school yard in 2004 which was about 60 years after the A-bombing.

It appears to be a consolidated cluster formed from melted glass.You can pick it up to feel it, this is actually quite heavy.

How to Tour Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

As this school museum is housed within the primary school, it cannot be seen from outside.

When you come for a visit, you will need to head to the office of Honkawa Elementary School and request for access.

The museum is only opened during weekdays for most of the year,but anyone can come by on the general access days between 1 August and 10 August.

Although I can’t introduce the photo panels and relic displays this time, do consider coming to this museum.

It is just a stone’s throw away from A-bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park and should be included as part of your itinerary if you are interested in touring the places related to the atomic bombing.

Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum
Address 1-5-39 Honkawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima(map)
Closest Station 2-mins walk from Honkawa-cho tram stop
Open Mondays to Friday
8:30pm – 5:00pm (Last entry at reception: 4:30pm)
*Open to all between 1 August and 10 August
Closed Weekends, public holidays and holidays in lieu of school holidays
Website Website
Entrance Fee Free