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MIYAJIMA BREWERY- Take in the Breathtaking World Heritage Sights While Indulging in Thoughtfully-Made Handcrafted Beer

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Is there anyone who is about to head to Miyajima or already there for a holiday?

This time, I will be introducing a restaurant near Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, where you can enjoy delicious handcrafted beer.


The Trendy Interior of the Restaurant with Glass Windows on One Side

MIYAJIMA BREWERY Is a Restaurant Where You Can Enjoy Miyajima Beer

This brewery is directly managed by Miyajima Beer Co., Ltd. As it was opened on 22 November 2017, it is a relatively new spot in Miyajima where you can enjoy Miyajima beer with delicious dishes made from local produce.

You may wonder, what is Miyajima Beer? According to Arimoto Shigeki who is the CEO of Miyajima Beer Co., Ltd. and was born and raised in Miyajima, the idea of creating locally-made delicious handcrafted beer came from his wish of contributing to his hometown. This subsequently led to the sale of Miyajima beer from June 2011.

Taking time to make beer with great care and using natural water of Miyajima that is filled with minerals.

To find out more about Miyajima Beer, you can visit this website: Miyajima Beer, You’ll Regret If You Miss It!

At present, the restaurant offers 9 types of craft beer which you can enjoy while looking out to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and the waterfront promenade from the restaurant. Read on to find out more about the types of beer and food offered here!

Visiting the Restaurant!

As I’m the type who wants to check things out for myself rather than rely on hearsay, I paid a visit to Miyajima Brewery!

How to Get Here

Just head towards Itsukushima Shrine from Miyajima Ferry Terminal where the restaurant is a 6 to 7-minute walk away.

First of all, let me explain in detail about the route I took.
Learn how to access to Miyajima from Hiroshima city: 3 Ways to Travel from Hiroshima City to Miyajima

1. Take the Ferry to Get to Miyajima
Once you leave the ferry terminal, turn right and head towards Itsukushima Shrine.

2. Head Left on the Waterfront Promenade
After walking for a short while, you can see the signage for Itsukushima Shrine so take a turn to the left by following the red arrow.

It was a fine day during my visit and the sea could be seen clearly.

3.  The Restaurant Is on Your Left!
While looking at the red torii gate on my right, I walked for a few minutes and reached MIYAJIMA BREWERY which is housed in a white and dark brown building on my left.

The restaurant which is on the third floor, is located in the same building as this Starbucks outlet.

MIYAJIMA BREWERY is about 500m away from the ferry terminal. Using a typical woman’s pace, you should be able to reach here within 15 minutes even after taking into consideration the time taken to take photos along the way.

Although I took the waterfront promenade route, you can actually use the Omotesando Shotengaigawa (Omotesando Shopping Arcade side) route as shown in the map.

[map] A. The waterfront promenade route / B. Shopping Arcade route – You can take either route
© OpenStreetMap contributors

From the window below the words MIYAJIMA BREWERY, you can catch a glimpse of the brewing tanks.

There is a beer stand on the right of the first floor.

4.Take the Lift to the Third Floor Where the Restaurant Is At
Take the lift located inside the building and head to the third floor where MIYAJIMA BREWERY is at.

  1.  If you head into the building and walk inwards, you can see the lift.
  2. Heading to the third floor
  3. Once you step out from the lift and enter the restaurant, you will be greeted with ocean view.

Enjoy various types of tastes

MIYAJIMA BREWERY offers 9 types of original craft beer. You can either choose to order one by one or try the 3-type sampler set which is a very attractive option.

This is especially popular with ladies who prefer to sample different types of beer in small quantities and those who want to try the samples first before ordering the regular size version.

First of all, let me introduce these two sampler sets!

1. 3-type Selection Standard – 185ml x 3

Pale Ale / Momiji Ale / Pilsner –¥1,000 (+ tax)

This is a selection set which is said to go well with the dishes. Having three beers with different colors and tastes, it will be fun for you to compare them with one another.

As I am not knowledgeable about beer, it is difficult for me to make any expert comments. However, just based on my personal feel, the pale ale has a nice aroma and bitter aftertaste while the momiji ale has a deep but simple taste. On the other hand, the Pilsner has a refreshing taste. Regardless of which type of beer I tasted, they were all so delicious and made me feel happy!

The recommended order to drink the beers will be Pilsner ▶ Momiji Ale ▶ Pale Ale.

2. 3-type Seasonal Fruits (Selection fruity) – 185ml x 3

Oshima Orange Ale / Hiroshima Lemon Ale / Hagi Yuzu Ale – ¥1,400 (+ tax)

This is a combination where you can enjoy the aroma of fruits.
Just from the appearance, you can get a feel of the fruity atmosphere which is likely to be a hit with ladies.This was also the first time I drank fruity beers like these!

The Oshima Orange Ale has a light citrusy aftertaste while the Hiroshima Lemon Ale feels like a cocktail with a refreshing lemon taste. As for the Hagi Yuzu Ale, it features the unique aroma and bitterness of yuzu.

All of these delicious beers are easy to drink so even for those who are usually not interested in beer may like these.

The Beer Menu

※This menu may be subjected to change as it was the version as of October 2018.

Beer name Light ⇔ Strong

Developed to commemorate the opening of the restaurant.
A red beer just like the color of the autumn leaves. Full-bodied but has a simple taste.
Alcohol content: 5.0%

【S 185ml】¥400
【L 400ml】¥650


Full-bodied with a brilliant citrusy aroma and bitter taste.
Alcohol content: 5.0%

【S 185ml】¥400
【L 400ml】¥650


Refreshing beer which is easy to drink and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.
Alcohol content: 5.0%

【S 185ml】¥400
【L 400ml】¥650


Full-bodied and fruity taste. A smooth and slightly sweet beer.
Alcohol content: 5.0%

【S 185ml】¥500
【L 400ml】¥800


A dark-colored beer made from roasted malt. Aromatic, rich-bodied and strong taste.
Alcohol content: 5.5%

【S 185ml】¥400
【L 400ml】¥650


Strong taste and bitterness due to the malt hops.
The alcohol content is slightly on the high side.
Alcohol content: 6.5%

【S 185ml】¥400
【L 400ml】¥650


A cocktail-style beer made in Hiroshima Prefecture with lemon slices floating on top. Goes well with deep-fried food.
Alcohol content: 5.5%

【S 185ml】¥500
【L 400ml】¥800


A fruity beer made from the juice and skin of Suo-Oshima’s signature produce i.e. mikan.
Alcohol content: 5.0%

【S 185ml】¥500
【L 400ml】¥800


A fruity beer made by soaking the skin of yuzu.The bitterness is just nice with a controlled sweetness.
Alcohol content: 5.0%

【S 185ml】¥500
【L 400ml】¥800

The menu can be found on the official website:
For your information, the most popular beer here is Momiji Ale.

This red beer has the same color as autumn leaves. Although it has a rich taste, it also has a simple flavor.

This is usually called red ale and uses a type of wheat called chocolate wheat thus creating a color just like the autumn leaves in Miyajima. Coincidentally, my No.1 favorite is also the Momiji Ale.
I was able to speak to the brewer Morikawa Tatsuya who is responsible for making these delicious beers!

This young man gives off the vibe that he loves beer and Miyajima a lot and is so passionate about his work that he goes to many places nationwide to learn more about beer brewing.

A smiling Morikawa says, “I would like to make handcrafted beer which goes well with the food in our restaurant!”

Generally, the beer server corks are designed in such a way that the beer will flow when pulled forward and the foam would come out when pulled backwards.

However, in MIYAJIMA BREWERY, the cork can only be pulled forward. When asked about how to create the beer foam, Morikawa revealed that the trick lies in how to pour the beer.

Depending on the type of beer, different types of hand movements are required to pour the beer as some tend to have less foam than the others.

Original Dishes Using Local Produce

Next up is the food!
At MIYAJIMA BREWERY, the head chef Arai Aei uses local produce in Miyajima such as oysters and conger eel to make revolutionary dishes.
Rest assured that there are English translations in the menu so you will have no problem ordering your food.
These 7 recommended dishes are only part of the selection on offer so read on for more details!

1. Conger Eel Omelette Rice – ¥1,400 (Exclusive of tax)

This is the most popular dish which features a fluffy omelette containing conger eel and rice. Wasabi (horseradish) is added to accentuate the taste. Why not to give this a try?

2. Oyster Pescatore – ¥1,550 (Exclusive of tax)

This dish uses thin pasta which goes well with the tomato-based sauce, oysters and seafood.

3.Today’s Oysters – Grilled & Steamed -¥250 each (Exclusive of tax)

These oysters are surprisingly big! (The size depends on the timing of your visit though) Be it the grilled or steamed versions, the plump and chewy oysters are equally delicious!

4. Thick-Slice Roasted Seak Made from Domestic Pork 200g – ¥1,600 (Exclusive of tax)

The grill creates a nice and aromatic taste in this dish!

5. Hiroshima Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce – ¥1,200 (Exclusive of tax)

The rich cream sauce goes well with bread ♪

6. Live Conger Eel Grilled with Seaweed Salt -¥1,680 (Exclusive of tax)

The seaweed salt brings out the tastiness of the conger eel so this is definitely recommended for those who want to taste the ingredient’s natural flavor.

7. The Chef on a Whim – Mixed Salad – ¥1,000 (Exclusive of tax)

Edible flowers are used as a garnishing to make this dish into something fashionable that will especially please the ladies.

Dessert After the Meal

This cookie was placed on top of the coffee. The seaweed salt and crunchy texture was a hit with me!

The Scenery & Facilities

Next, let’s explore the interior of the restaurant which could be the key to determine whether it’s a comfortable place to spend time at.The biggest selling point of MIYAJIMA BREWERY is definitely its unbeatable ocean view through the windows facing the sea.

This also creates a sense of openness in the restaurant which is essential in improving the dining experience as compared to being an enclosed space.

There are about 50 seats here. When you sit on a chair and see the view from the seat, you will feel liberated!

The restrooms are behind the counter seats.

And the seat furthest inside by the window allows you to see the big torii gate on the water surface! You are extremely lucky if you manage to get this seat.

It feels as if the torii gate is framed by the window sills when you look through the window.

Beer Stand, Draft Beer Which You Can Bring Around!?

Finally, let’s find out more about the beer stand on the first floor.

You can also try the 3-type sampler sets here or buy the canned versions of Miyajima Beer which can be brought home for your personal consumption or as souvenirs.

Gyorgy Derney who is from Hungary, hopes to own a brewery in future.

  1. Taking great care to pour the beer
  2. Slipping off the excess foam
  3. There, you have it !

Wow, the foam looks really fine…
And don’t forget about the beer which you can bring around i.e. beer that is poured into PET bottles.
Isn’t this something which you don’t get to see elsewhere? For tourists who want to walk around while enjoying their beer, this will probably suit them best.

The beer which can be brought around (Momiji Ale) x deer x torii gate

You might be worried if the beer comes in a cup but with a bottle that has a cap, you won’t have to worry about spilling your beer. You can also bring the remainder home for consumption as long as you finish it within the day. There are also tables and chairs at the back so this will be ideal if you need to take a short break.

  1. The tables and seats
  2. Draft beer in a PET bottle (Momiji Ale Weizen). The smiling deer on the label looks cute.

I also bought the momiji-shaped deep-fried potato at 2 for ¥300 (inclusive of tax).

The 3-canned set with cute illustrations featuring Pale Ale, Weizen and Caramel Blond selling at¥1,360 (inclusive of tax) can be brought home as a souvenir.
Actually, there are indoor counter seats on the second floor for those who visit the beer stand so in the event of rainy weather, this will be perfect for you to take refuge for a while.

By taking the staircase at the back of the beer stand, you can get to the counter seats on the second floor.


A Message from the Restaurant

Although local breweries have been making the news of late, it was definitely a tough journey filled with difficulties where Miyajima beer was first set up in 2010 and became what it is today.
Check out the pale ale and IPA which will be offered in the restaurant from early September and mid-October (a few days after the interview) respectively!

Brewing at the first floor of MIYAJIMA BEER FACTORY 1F

This is a message from CEO of MIYAJIMA BREWERY i.e. Mr. Arimoto who was very friendly and easy to speak to.

Shop Information

Address 3F, 459-2, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City 739-0556(map)
※The tenant on the first and second floors is Starbucks Coffee Itsukushima Omotesando Branch.
Closest Station ・JR Miyajimaguchi Station
・ Miyajimaguchi Station tram stop
(Take the ferry to get to Miyajima Ferry Terminal and walk along the waterfront promenade for about 6 to 7 minutes in the direction of Itsukushima Shrine)
Open 11:00~16:00,17:00~21:00(L.O 20:00)
※Open during public holidays.
※May change depending on weather and prior reservations so we seek your understanding regarding this.
Website  Official Website
Payment Mode ・Cash
・Credit Card
(JCB can only be accepted for Aeon Card)

Last but not least, a big thank you to CEO Arimoto for agreeing to the interview!