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Enjoy Horseback Riding at Kariya Horseback Riding Club in Mihara City, 20mins from Hiroshima Airport !

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Let me introduce “Kariya Horseback Riding Club” in Yamato-cho, Mihara. You don’t need to worry about the weather because, there are riding ground with roof in the club. All the items are included in the price so you can experience authentic horseback riding conveniently. If you are a beginner, no worries! The instructor will teach you kindly.

Lessons at Kariya Horseback Riding Club

  • Assisted Riding Tour ¥1,080
    A popular attraction where you can casually enjoy the experience of horseback riding on a horse led by the instructor. Recommended for beginners and children
  • Private Lesson
    Why not take the private lesson? It starts with assisted riding tour, and the instructor will help you to ride a horse without assistance!In the end of the class, you will be ride a horse by yoursel.
    <20mins> ¥3,780 <40mins> ¥7,560
  • Hippotherapy
    Kariya Horseback riding club has a license for hippotherapy. The facility is designed to be wheelchair accessible, and you hippotherapy is available. Communicate with horse doesn’t need words. The club wants more people to know how it’s fun and happy to ride horses, and they want to provide the environment.

The Owner’s Profile

Yukio Kariya
After gaining success in many Show Jumping races, he opened “Kariya Horseback Riding Club” in 2002.

National RIding Club Association of Japan Advanced Instructor
German Hippotherapy Certificate

<Race Results>
The 52nd Japan National Show Jumping Race 2nd place
CSIO Seoul Individual:5th place and team:chanmpion
The 2nd Asia Series Chanmoion
The 51st National Sports Festival of Japan(Hiroshima) Adults S&H 1st place, Adults show jumping 1st Place
The 59th National Sports Festival of Japan(Hiroshima) Adults show jumping 2nd Place
The 61st National Sports Festival of Japan(Hyogo ) Adults 6bar 1st Place Place
The 64th National Sports Festival of Japan(Nigata) Adults 6bar 1st Place Place

The club is run by people who really love horses. Their motto is to make deep connections with horses by communicating deeply with horses taking care of them carefully everyday.

When I visited the facility, I saw them taking care of the horse! If you are visiting Mihara city, why not make an amazing memories at Kariya Horseback Riding Club?

Kariya Horseback Riding club
Address 573-1Mukunashi Yamato-cho, Mihara Hiroshima
Open 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m
Closest Station Approx. 20mins drive from “Hiroshima Airport”
Website Official Website