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5-Days Children’s Museum for Traveling with Kids

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The “5-Days Children’s Museum”, located near the remains of the old Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, is a public facility that can be enjoyed by adults and small children alike. It is within walking distance from Hiroshima Castle and the Atomic Bomb Dome, so it’s in a convenient location for rainy days, and children who have grown bored of sightseeing will love it. I am going to tell you about the museum and how to get there.

What is the 5-Days Children Museum?

The 5-Days Children’s Museum has the slogan “Touch. See. Try. Create. Discover.”, and it was opened in 1980. Inside the museum, there’s lots of exhibitions and fun things that make science more accessible. We also have a meteorite on display and a planetarium, so there’s lots to enjoy for both kids and adults.

Things to See

I’ll explain about some of the best things to see at the museum.

The Explorers’ Fortress

The Explorers’ Fortress is a hall with a variety of things to play on. There’s lots for kids to be excited about, like the Jungle Gym Maze and the Floating Corridor.

The Sky Country of Dreams

Opposite the Explorers’ Fortress is the Sky Country of Dreams, where you can perform experiments using things like electricity and electromagnetism to discover the rules that make up our world. You don’t need any prior knowledge. It’s designed to be a fun way of learning about science.

The Air Rocket

It is an exhibition popular among children which you use air to propel a rocket. Enjoy using the pump with your child.

The Space Phone

The Space Phone is a cool gadget that allows you to communicate with people from a distance using the speed of light. This is another one that parents and children can enjoy together.

CG Animation

Through the composite CG animation in this exhibition, you can experience the feeling of exploring places like the deep sea and the forest. Move your body around to enjoy the artificial world.

This installation allows you to move the vehicle using the devices around the diorama.

If you look closely, you might see a familiar character hiding…!


At the planetarium on the 4th floor, we have a variety of programs running at different times, and you can see the beautiful starry sky whenever you want.

Entrance Fee Free
Planetarium Adult ¥510
65 or Older
High School Student
Under High School Student Free


The planetarium is the only area with an admission fee; everywhere else is free to visit, and there’s also no charge to get into the museum itself. There are also some days where the planetarium admission fee is discounted, so take a look at the official website for details.

The planetarium reception is located near the entrance on the 1st floor. There will be someone at the reception desk, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

5-Days Children’s Museum
Address 5-83, Motomachi Naka-ku Hiroshima (map)
Open 9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m
Opne Weekends and Holidays
Closed Monday, The next day of national holiday and12/29〜1/3
Website 5days Children’s Museum

How to Access from Hiroshima Station


Price:¥200 Time:15 mins Changes: None
-How to Ride “meipuru-pu” the Loop Bus

Hiroshima Sta.

Atomic Bomb Dome
Orange/Lemon/Green Route
(10 mins)

Hiroshima Children’s Museum

Hiroshima Electric Railway

Price:¥180 Time: 20mins Changes: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Genbaku Dome-mae
Hiroshima Electric Railway

Hiroshima Children’s Museum

The 5-Days Children’s Museum is located about 300 meters from the Genbaku Dome-mae Station. If you walk down alongside the remains of the old Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, you’ll be able to see the building, so use the dome of the planetarium as a guide.

The 5-Days Children’s Museum is a sightseeing location that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Everything is indoors, so it’s a great place to visit on a rainy day. Why not come down and have a look.