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3 Ways How to Access Miyajima from Hiroshima City

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Miyajima Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular place to visit among tourists in Hiroshima. There are 3 routes you can use to get to Miyajima Island from Hiroshima city, and we are going to explain about each route specifically! Let’s find the cheapest, easiest, unique way to visit Miyajima!

Hiroshima Station to Miyajima

If traveling to Miyajima from Hiroshima Station, you can either take a JR train or streetcar. The JR route’s biggest pro is that it’s the fastest way to reach Miyajimaguchi.

On the other hand, taking the streetcar means you get to enjoy views of Hiroshima city as you travel. You can even catch a glimpse of the Atomic Bomb Dome from the streetcar window as you ride. However, the streetcar route takes longest out of all possible methods of travel.

Once the JR train or streetcar arrives at Miyajimaguchi Station, you’ll need to transfer to a ferry. But before that, let’s review how to get to Miyajimaguchi from Hiroshima Station.

JR Train (Fastest)

Price:¥590 Time: 40mins- Changes: 1 Time

Hiroshima Sta.

JR Sanyo Line
Boud for Iwakuni
(30 mins)

JR or Matsudai


You can purchase tickets and find the ticket gates on the second floor of Hiroshima Station. Try to use the ticket vending machines if you’re paying with cash. Selecting the “Buy a ticket” option will show you a screen that looks like this.

First, select the number of people who need a ticket with the buttons on the left, then tap the “Miyajima (590)” option on screen. This will allow you to simultaneously purchase a ticket for the ferry that connects Miyajima to the JR train line. If using a credit card, you’ll need to purchase your tickets at the JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi) located beside the vending machines.

You can access the train platforms once past the ticket gates. Do take note that the platform you need will differ depending on the time of day. Generally, trains heading for Miyajimaguchi will leave from Platform 1. Please be sure to check the correct platform number and departure time for the “Sanyo Line, bound for Miyajimaguchi/Iwakuni” on the electronic display.

 One-way Fare Adult ¥590
Children ¥290
Time Required Approx. 63mins

*The JR Miyajima route fare includes the fare for the Miyajima-bound ferry.

Streetcar (Cheapest)

Price:¥440 Time: 1.5h- Changes: 1 Time

Hiroshima Sta.

Hiroden Miyajimaguchi
Hiroshima Electric Railway
Boud for Miyajimaguchi
(1h 10mins)

JR or Matsudai



If taking the streetcar, take the Hiroshima Station South Exit and go to the streetcar boarding area. The streetcars are bound for a variety of places, but if you board one with the destination “Miyajima”, all you have to do is stay onboard until the final stop. Payment is made when you disembark at your destination.

If taking the streetcar to Miyajima, purchasing the “1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass” is great value for money. It not only gives you unlimited rides on the Hiroshima Electric Railway and Miyajima Matsudai ferry (connecting Miyajimaguchi and Miyajima Island), but is also cheaper than taking the JR.

“Besides Miyajima, I also want to see the Peace Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Dome, and other tourist attractions! ” If that sounds like you, this is the option we recommend. You can purchase this pass from within the streetcar itself, so be sure to try it out.

1 Day Streetcar & Ferry Pass.
Adult: ¥840
Child: ¥420
Time Required
Approx. 90 mins

Ferry  from The Peace Memorial Park (Unique)

Price:¥2,000 Time: 45mins Changes: 1 Time

Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Electric Railway
Boud for Miyajimaguchi


The “Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route” (ferry) connecting the Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima is the fastest way to travel between Hiroshima city and Miyajima.

Also, since you won’t need to transfer to the ferry like you do taking the JR and streetcar routes, you can enjoy a very comfortable ride while taking in views of the Atomic Bomb Dome.

However, you’ll need to check for ferry service interruptions due to the tide. While you can make reservations by phone, you can also directly purchase tickets at the boarding area. Return tickets are valid for 2 days, making them useful if you plan to stay the night in Miyajima.

Fare One Way
Round Trip
Time Required
Approx. 45 mins

*Each adult ticket purchased allows 1 infant below schooling age to ride for free.


These are the 4 routes we recommend for getting you from Hiroshima city to Miyajima. Be sure to compare the times and fares needed for each of them, and find the route that works best for you.