Aug 13, 2018 Hiroshima City

Never Seen This Before! Unusual Vending Machine in Hiroshima

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There are tons of vending machines in Japan, but did you know there are so many vending machines selling other than drinks? In this article, I’ll introduce you unique vending machines that you might have never seen before!

The Unique Vending Machine Culture in Japan

Many tourists in Japan have probably been surprised by the rows upon rows of vending machines. As well they should be, since in 2014 Japan had over 5.03 million functioning vending machines! Many potential reasons are brought up as to why Japan has so many the machines, such as “it’s related to the high level of public order,” and “population density in the cities is very high,” but these machines could be said to be a symbol of Japan’s technological advancement. If you visit Japan, you should definitely try out the machines.

How to Use Vending Machine

First, Let’s lean the basics- how to use it!.  In this example I’ll use the most popular type, a drink vending machine.

Although it depends on the machines, the temperature of each drink is usually displayed alongside the price, such as “Cold”and  “Hot.”
“I wanted a hot coffee, but I got an iced coffee!”  To make sure things like that won’t happen, make sure to check the display before buying.

Generally, you pay with either coins or bills. Some of them also accept e-money, so be sure to check. By the way, remember that almost all vending machines will not accept notes over ¥1,000.

Put in enough money to cover the drink’s price. Then push the button for the drink you want, and your purchase is complete.

Unique Vending Machines in Hiroshima!

In Hiroshima, there are some vending machines that are a bit different! I’ll go over some of the interesting machines that are popular with vending machine lovers. You may find them only in Hiroshima!

Egg Vending Machines (Akitakata City)

In Akikata-shi, Hiroshima, there are vending machines that sell eggs. Most of these machines are in rural areas rather than the city, so they might be hard to find. The eggs are sent straight from the chicken farm.

you can get fresh eggs whenever you want, and the machines are treasured by the local community.

Address Fumichan’s Egg (map)
732-12 Shimoobara, Koda-cho, Akiakata, Hiroshima 

Dashi Vending Machines (Hiroshima City)

This machines are located in Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima. Dashi are produced by Nitanda Soy Sauce, in Hiroshima’s Etajima. They have all the seasonings needed for Japanese cuisine, such as soy sauce and dashi. It’s close to Hiroshima Castle, and very accessible if you are in down town Hiroshima city!

Address Dashi Doraku Vending Machine
13-3 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima (map)

Multi-Language Vending Machines

The shopping malls of Hiroshima have the machines that work with foreign languages. You can operate them easily with the touchscreen, and the machines also tell you how to use them.

Visiting all the sightseeing spots in Hiroshima takes energy. The city has lots of the machines, so if you get tired of walking, why not try them?