Aug 19, 2018 Culture Hiroshima Prefecture

Costs only 100yen! Recommended Capsule Toys as Japanese Souvenirs!

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Before going back to your country,how do you deal with a bag full of leftover coins? For people who want to do something with all the change that can’t be exchanged into international currencies, I recommend capsule toys. There are many high quality capsule toys in Japan, so they’re perfect as souvenirs. Today, I’ll show you the many charms of capsule toys, which I recommend to people who don’t know what to do with their change.

What is Capsule Toy?

A capsule toy is a kind of vending machine. You insert coins, turn a lever, and a toy comes out. The best part is, you don’t know what will come out. Depending on the type, you can sometimes check the contents of the capsule. But you might say the thrill of not knowing what item you’ll get is a pleasure of this capsule toy.

How Much Does Capsule Toys Cost?

You need to prepare ¥100 coins to get a capsule toy. Depending on the type of capsule toy, it may cost ¥100 -¥500, but most all machines only accept ¥100 coins. When playing for a capsule toy, make sure to prepare ¥100. However, when you don’t have ¥100 coins, most spaces have exchange machines available, or sometimes a nearby cashier’s desk will exchange money for you. When exchanging money at a cashier’s desk, it’s probably a good idea to let them know that you intend to use the money for a capsule toy.

Popular and Local Limited Capsule Toys in Hiroshima

Here, I will introduce some capsule toys that are popular in Japan. The first I’d like to show you is the “Koppu no Fuchiko” (“Fuchiko on the edge of the cup”). It’s a figurine that hangs from and sits on a cup.

Here are the “Historical Post Boxes.” It has figures modeled after Japan’s old, nostalgic mailboxes. You can see their fine workings with opening hatches and other features. It’s perfect for people looking for something uniquely Japan-like!

There are also some eccentric caramel capsule toys! With these, instead of a capsule, you get real boxes of caramel. The Showa style retro exterior is really nice. This one is set up at Tokyu Hands Hiroshima.

The “local figure souvenir” is also perfect as a souvenir. Inside there is a pamphlet written in English, so you can find out the unique charms of the place you are visiting!

Pin Badges You Can Only Get in Miyajima

There are plenty of capsule toys in Miyajima where you will often see is the local limited pin badge.

In addition to pin badges modeled after the A-bomb dome and Itsukushima Shrine, there are also ones modeled after the West Japan bullet train, as well as goods related to the aquarium. You can only find them locally, so be sure to check them out.

Where to Find Capsule Toys ?

Capsule toy machines are set up inside train stations, at game centers, grocery shops, and many more places in Japan. There are capsule toys for children, as well as toys adults can enjoy, so please enjoy them as souvenirs and a way to spend change!