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Tips for Eating at a Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant

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Enjoy 2 pieces of delicious Japanese sushi for only 100JPY! Lots of tourists get excited about visiting a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Japan. However, many don’t fully understand how to eat at these restaurants due to this unique system. Read this article to quickly become a pro at conveyor belt sushi restaurants!

Reasonably Priced and Fast Sushi!

Most items on the menu cost around 100JPY and come with 2 pieces of sushi. You can either choose to eat the delicious sushi passing by on the conveyor belt, or choose order something specific.

What’s more is that they don’t just sell sushi – their extensive menu also includes something like udon noodles, ramen, potato fries, etc.

Tip 1: Entering the Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant

Conveyor belt sushi restaurants have a unique ordering system different to ordinary sushi bars. Upon arrival, a member of staff will ask how many people you are, and whether you would prefer a counter or a table seat.

As table seats are highly popular, it might be quicker to opt for a counter seat if you are 2 or less people.

There are 2 ways that you could be shown your seat – either a member of staff will personally direct you to your seat, or they will give you a ticket with the table number on.

Tip 2: Order Specifically What You Want

While customers can, of course, pick up any of the delicious looking sushi travelling around the conveyor belt, what happens if the specific sushi you want to eat doesn’t come along?

Thankfully the sushi restaurants also have a special ordering system for this situation.

In order to eat the sushi of your choice, simply order it via the touch screen panel in front of your seat (as the photograph above), or write it on the provided order sheet.

The touch screen panels are particularly great as they are often multilingual and come with helpful photographs.

These specifically ordered items will either be delivered to your table via the conveyor belt, or brought to you by a member of staff.

Tip 3: Make Your Tea

Powdered green tea and hot water is usually provided by the seat, so let’s make your own tea by yourself.

Cold water is usually located somewhere away from the seating area.

Tip 4: Payment

The total cost of your meal is calculated through the type of plates the sushi was on, as well as the amount of plates eaten. Rather than going straight to the cashier, call over a member of staff when you are ready to pay.

A member of staff will calculate the total cost of your meal and provide you with a payment slip which you can then take to the cashier to pay.


Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are constantly changing according to the needs of their customers.
This is probably why they have come to serve some of the more unexpected items, such as freshly made coffee. Some even serve western-cuisine like curry!
Visit a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and have a great sushi experience!