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Popular Convenience Store Snacks Among Japanese Kids, Best 10!

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The Japanese Snacks Popular with Kids Are Shared Around the World?!

In this article, we asked 7-Eleven (located in Otake city in Hiroshima) owner Mr. Ikemoto, who has managed the store for over 20 years, to choose 10 types of snacks popular with Japanese elementary school students!
Now let’s take a look at the ranking!

*The price and type are based on information from July 2018

[No.1] Calbee 2018 Baseball Chips 22g

Price:¥98(tax in)

They’re the same as regular chips, but the difference is that you always get two baseball cards with them!
First sold in 1973, they’ve been on the market for a very long time.

After some more research, I also found out that they were designed for elementary school students, and apparently haven’t changed at all since they were first introduced.

They’re hugely popular with boys in particular!

  1. The snack package content
  2. The card packet is attached to the package
  3. Then you open the card packet, there are two cards inside!

You can also get rare shiny cards, with glitter on them. Some shiny cards even have the player’s autograph printed on the card.

[No.2] Calbee Jagariko Potato Sticks Salad 60g

Price:¥149(tax in)

A snack made of potatoes cut into sticks.

They’re crispy and delicious. The fact that they’re shaped like thin sticks, and the packaging is a cup instead of a bag, means that they’re easy to carry, don’t fall out of the package, and are easy to eat!

  1. The snack package content
  2. The stick shape is easy to eat.

[No.3] Kadou Kabayaki-san Taro

Price:¥13(tax in)

This is a snack made by compressing and cooking Alaska pollock.

It has a salty-sweet taste, and fits in the palm of a child’s hand. These snacks are great when you want to eat savory snacks.

The low price, only a bit over ¥10, is also part of its appeal to young children.

  1. Contennts of the package
  2. You can easily tear it.

[No.4] Meiji Chewing Gum Chewing Candy – Soda 5pcs

Price:¥33(tax in)

You can chew them like gum, and they have a sweet, refreshing soda flavor. The package has the words “45mg of Vitamin C in Every Piece” written on it, and it feels like a good deal!

  1. The snack package content
  2. This is about how big it is in your hand.
  3.  When you break it in half, you see that it has 3 layers.

[No.5] Yagai Oyatsu Karupas

Price:¥10(tax in)

This one is a dry sausage (like salami) made with chicken and pork.

To allow even small children to safely eat this product, they use no artificial colors, and it has a soft texture. It’s super cheap. The irresistible flavor is popular with adults too!


The snack package content

  1. My daughter seems happy!

[No.6] Kadou Wasabi Nori Taro

Price:¥13(tax in)

This snack is made by combining fish paste, seaweed, and squid powder, flattening and cutting it so it’s easy to eat, and then cooking it in the oven.When I tried it for myself, it had a perfectly balanced spicy wasabi aftertaste.

I was a bit surprised that it’s popular with kids, but if they can eat wasabi, they should love this!

  1. The snack package content

[No.7] Ezaki Glico Giant Caplico Strawberry

Price:¥108(tax in)

A chocolate treat shaped just like an ice cream. Soft? Crispy? It has a strange texture that’s hard to pin down.

By the way, the name Caplico was inspired by the sunshine and fun on the Italian island of Capri.

As you eat your way through the strawberry flavored treat, you’ll find chocolate in the middle, and it’s really filling!


  1. As you eat it, the brown chocolate in the middle appears!
  2. You can break it open like this.

[No.8] Meiji Chewing Gum Sour Lemon

Price:¥33(tax in)

This contains 3 pieces of gum, and only one has the super sour powder inside. It really is “super sour”!

In addition to lemon, there’s also grape, soda flavor, and it’s fun to eat it like a game with your friends and family!

  1.  Which one would you like?
  2. Cute round shape
  3.  There is sour powder in it.

[No.9] Morinaga Seika Ottotto Light Salt 30g

Price¥113(tax in)

Ottotto is a mini snack shaped like a shellfish. First sold in 1981, these snacks have been around for a long time.

The shellfish shape is the regular version such as squid, crab, turtle, octopus, starfish, globefish, tuna etc.

When I bought it, they were doing a collaboration with Pocket Monster, so some of the snacks were shaped like Pokemon characters, and the young boys were really excited about it.

  1. Shellfish shapes!
  2. The snack package content
  3. Pocket Monster shapes…cute!

[No.10] UHA Mikakuto Ninja Meshi – Ramune 20g

Price:¥111(tax in)

A sugar-coated hard candy. I personally thought that it might be good for developing children’s chewing ability.

There’s a comical picture of the business man style Ninja that is the product’s concept on the package!

  1. The snack package content
  2. Shapes like this
  3. Inside is brown color.

There’s Still More! Five Honorable Mentions

I’ll list 5 more popular snacks that I couldn’t fit on the ranking!

Calbee Potato Chips Light Salt

Price:¥111(tax in)

This ubiquitous product is the perfect example of the classic snack.

Recently, there have been a lot of variations, with local flavors and limited editions. The Hiroshima flavor, oyster soy sauce flavor, uses extracts from Seto Inland Sea oysters!

There’s also Hokkaido butter soy sauce, Hakata mentaiko, Kyushu soy sauce, Okinawa lemon, and more, so you could try all the different flavors as you travel around.

  1. The snack package content
  2. Close up of the chips
  3. Children love it!

Tirol Choco – Milk

Price:¥21(inc tax)

At only ¥20, this chocolate can easily be bought by even children, which might be part of the reason it’s so popular. The milk flavor comes from thick milk cream inside the chocolate.

The main flavors are coffee nougat, strawberry jelly, white & cookie, biscuit, almond, but there’s a lot more!

Look around for local and limited-edition flavors as well.

  1.  Package photo
  2.  The cute illustrations differ for each one.
  3.  Sweet milk cream is inside!

Kracie Foods Mentos – Grape 37.5g

Price: ¥102(tax in)

A round soft candy. This candy is actually imported from the Netherlands.

The package design does look kind of exotic. I used to eat this one all the time when I was a kid!

  1. The snack package content
  2. When you break it in half
  3. This is how big it is in your hand.

UHA Mikakuto Soda Gumi 40g

Price:¥108(tax in)

This is a cute little gummy shaped like a soda bottle. It’s coated with powder, and is rough on the outside.

I thought it looked a bit hard when I first saw it, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought, with a soft texture and refreshing soda flavor.

  1. The snack package content
  2. Cute bottle shape

Morinaga Seika Hai-chew 12pieces

Price:¥102(tax in)

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most famous soft candy in Japan.

The other main flavors are strawberry and green apple, but for a limited time, they’ve also offered seasonal flavors like watermelon.

In Hiroshima, there’s apparently a Shikoku-only flavor called Setouchi Lemon.

  1. The snack package content
  2. Close up photo
  3. Texture is soft and chewy


What did you think? I hope you find something you want to try out! Fun and delicious snacks which you can’t find in other countries might be great to take home for a souvenir!