Nov 15, 2018 Culture Hiroshima City

See, Hear and Experience Japan’s Traditional Culture at Omoshiro Takarazukushi Hiroba!

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From 11am on 25 November 2018 (Sunday), there will be an event titled Omoshiro Takarazukushi Hiroba (Interesting Treasures Collection Square) held at CLiP HIROSHIMA located in Higashisenda-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City.

The organizer of this event i.e. Tatsujin Club has been involved in many activities such as workshops, lectures and performances aimed at promoting traditional culture to children who hardly know about it.

Besides activities about traditional art forms such as Noh (Japanese classical stage drama), Nagauta (Japanese classical music), Japanese dance and Rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) targeted at children, the event this time aims to enhance awareness among the general public.

As such, the activities in this event will cater to a wide audience including adults and tourists from other countries.

For those who may be concerned that traditional arts can be too difficult to understand, rest assured that the staff can explain the content in English which makes it easy for anyone to participate.

What Is Japan’s Traditional Arts? Let’s Hear About It First

Just by doing research in books or the Internet may not give you a clear idea of what Japan’s traditional arts is all about.

As such, by actually seeing and hearing it for yourself during this event, you can get a better idea.

Don’t miss the poetry reciting, Nagauta and Rakugo performances taking place between 11am and 2pm during the event period.

Poetry recital appreciation 11:45am – 12:00pm
Nagauta appreciation 12:45pm onwards
Rakugo appreciation 1:00pm onwards


Experience Corner

Kimono and Traditional Performing Arts Experience

Besides getting a chance to wear the Japanese traditional clothing kimono, you can also learn traditional performing arts such as Japanese dance, Nagauta, shamisen (three-stringed Japanese lute), Nohgaku (Noh stage play) and Rakugo from the masters directly.

The Nohgaku experience session takes place between 11am and 12 noon where you can experience both the dance and singing parts at the same time.

Although the kimono, Japanese dance, Nagauta and shamisen experience sessions are from 12 noon to 1pm, those participating in the kimono and Japanese dance sessions will have to come to the event venue by 11am as you would need to make preparations for wearing the kimono.

The Rakugo experience is held between 1pm and 2pm where you can experience how it feels like to be a rakugo storyteller by getting onto the platform on the stage and telling a simple story of your own.

Enjoy Game and Art

There are many sections which do not have fixed schedules so you can pop by anytime. Have fun playing Japanese traditional games such as board game Go, Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (hundred poems by one hundred poets) karuta card-snatching game, calligraphy, coloring of pictures from classic literature and making items replicated from famous Japanese paintings!

Make Your Own Matcha and Wagashi

When matcha and wagashi (Japanese traditional desserts) are mentioned, people would tend to think of them as things you can only eat at certain shops.

However, you can try making them during this event so why not give it a shot?

The tea-making experience session costs ¥300 per person where you can enjoy the tea which you make along with wagashi that goes well with it. As for the wagashi-making experience which costs ¥500 per person, you will be making the wagashi named nerikiri which is a simple dessert using white bean paste, sugar and gyuhi (rice cake).

By adding color and detail to it, the nerikiri becomes a beautiful and tasty dessert which reflects the seasonal elements and flowers.

A Starting Point to Enjoy Japanese Culture

There are 13 types of traditional performing arts and culture which you can experience at Omoshiro Takarazukushi Hiroba through the wide array of events and corners for everyone.

You will definitely learn more about this area and appreciate the joy behind them.

Hopefully, this event will become a great starting point for you to develop an interest into these aspects of Japanese culture and enhance your travel experience by creating memories that cannot be derived just from visiting tourist spots!

Event Information

Omoshiro TAkarazukushi Hiroba
1-1-18, Higashisenda-machi, Naka-ku(map)
Closest Station [Hiroshima Electric Railway]
Alight Takanobashi Tram Stop or Nisseki-byoin-mae Tram Stop
Take no.26 and alight at Takeya-cho or take no.50 and alight at Takeya-cho Nishi
Date Date 25 November 2018 (Sunday)
Website Blog: 
Entrance Fee Free

How to Get Here

Hiroshima Electric Railway
Fare: ¥180 / Required time: 30 mins

Hiroshima Station

Takanobashi Station
Take Hiroshima Electric Railway
Line 1
(bound for Hiroshima Minato Ujinari)
↓CLiP HIROSHIMA Walk for 7 mins