Aug 10, 2018 Eat&Drink Hiroshima City

OBSCURA; A Popular Speciality Coffee Shop in Hiroshima City

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A quick coffee break during your travels. Finding delicious coffee on your journey is enough to make you happy! In this article, we’ll cover the specialty coffee shop OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS, which is hugely popular with both Hiroshima city locals and travelers, and talk about the things that make their coffee special, and some of their best menu items!


OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS is a specialty coffee shop within walking distance from the tram stop at Fukuromachi, Hiroshima. They opened their first shop at Sangenjaya, Tokyo, and today they have 4 shops in the Sangenjaya area, including cafes, roasters, and coffee bean shops. About 3 years ago, they opened a location in Hiroshima!  It’s become one of Hiroshima’s most popular coffee shops among Japanese and travelers from around the world.

Hiroshima OBSCURA Coffee

The areas where OBSCURA have set up shop, Hiroshima and Sangenjaya, Tokyo, are both places where the founder has lived. Because he loves these cities so much, he and his friends are very perfectionist about everything, from choosing the best locations, to selling the best coffee. The shops in Tokyo and Hiroshima all have the same menu, but their outward appearances are wildly different. The Hiroshima shop is a wooden building, with a warm interior. Inside the shop are three 2-person tables and one 6-person table, and you can enjoy your coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

 There are also benches in front of the shop, so on sunny days, maybe you could takeout and enjoy it outside.

Menu & Services

Espresso ¥420 Macchiato ¥450
Today’s Special ¥500 Iced Coffee ¥550
Latte ¥570 Cappuccino ¥570
Americano ¥550 Affogato ¥570

The costs for takeout are different. At the Hiroshima store, you can enjoy both in-store service and takeout.

Coffee Workshop

They also regularly hold workshops on enjoying coffee. These workshops have a variety of lessons, from how to make coffee, to how to use a vacuum coffee maker, so why not come and find a workshop you’re interested in?

Workshop Day Every 1st, 3rd Saturday of the Month
Fee ¥1,500
Capacity 6 people
Time 9:00am – 10:30am

From the first of every month, you will be able to sign up for the next month’s workshop.


When you enter the store, there’s a large wooden cabinet immediately to your left. It feels warm and welcoming, and is the most prominent decoration in the store. On the shelves are interesting items like coffee beans, the OBSCURA original tumbler and special gifts! The beans are of course delicious, but the packaging is also simple and refined, so it makes for a great souvenir or gift.

 The coffee beans sold at every shop are roasted at the “factory” in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. In Japan, there aren’t many shops that offer both light and dark roasts. Enjoy their wide variety of coffee in-store or at home.

 The staff recommendation is the coffee made with Rwandan coffee beans. This high-quality coffee, collected annually from trips to Rwanda’s coffee fields, has a mild taste, with a balance of sweetness and bitterness.

How the Coffee is Made

At OBSCURA, high importance is placed on the concept “From Seed to Cup”, the definition of specialty coffee.  From Seed to Cup means that every stage, from the coffee beans to the cup, is meticulously organized and has rigorous quality control, so they provide high quality, delicious coffee to their customers. Using this definition as a baseline, they hire expert staff for each of the 3 steps in production (harvesting, roasting, and brewing). At the shop, the staff use their coffee expertise to fill our cups with delicious OBSCURA coffee.

Another great thing is that the friendly staff will politely answer any questions you may have, from the various flavors of coffee, to the best way of making coffee.

The Future of OBSCURA

“We want to be the kind of coffee shop that becomes a part of the city, and you can always feel free to visit,” is what the OBSCURA team had to say. Maybe the relaxing, clean and simple environment, friendly, smiling staff, and delicious coffee have already come together to create something even better.
Their style is to enjoy specialty coffee as part of everyday life, without being too serious about it. This coffee shop, which changes to suit each new generation and provide the best coffee for each of them, is using the latest machines to continue developing better and better coffee. When I came here, I knew that it’s because they’re always searching for a better tasting coffee that they’re able to put smiles on the customers’ faces, and that’s why this coffee shop is so popular.

Get OBSCURA Original Map!

At OBSCURA, there are Hiroshima guide maps (¥50 incl. tax) in English/Japanese.
In addition to the best restaurants, bars, and cafes in the city, the map also has information on Miyajima and a Hiroshima architecture list!
It could be fun to walk around the city while looking at this map, with a coffee in your hand.

Shop Information

Fukuromachi Shop

Address 3-28 Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi (map)
Business Hours 9:00am – 8:00pm
Closed Every 3rd Wednesday


Hodori Shop – Newly opened!

In this July, they have opened their second shop, “OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS Hondori”, located on the alley beside Hondori street. It’s easy to access if you’re in Hiroshima city, so why don’t you drop by?

Address 3-1 Hondori, Nakaku (map)
Open 9:00am – 8:00pm
Closed Every 3rd Wednesday