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Nigiriza, The Unique Sushi Restaurant Near Peace Memorial& A-Bomb Dome

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Do you want to enjoy sushi for a reasonable price in Hiroshima? For any people who are thinking that, I strongly recommend Nigiriza. This sushi restaurant is Located within walking distance from Peace Memorial Park, and attracts a huge number of customers every day. Their toppings are always fresh, and they also offer convenient services for international tourists, which has helped them attract attention from inside and outside Japan! For this article, I went undercover at Nigiriza to find out what makes it so good!

The Eye-Catching Kabuki Style Exterior

Two minutes’ walk south from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. To find Nigiriza, look for the sign that says “SUSHI” in big letters. The modern eye-catching exterior with a kabuki-inspired storefront design. This design was apparently based on Japanese Kabuki and the festival floats of Kyoto.

Halal Friendly or Western Style Sushi, in Your Favorite Style

Every piece of sushi made by Nigiriza is a masterpiece that brings out the delicious flavor of its natural ingredients. However, that is what you would expect from any sushi restaurant.  The key difference separating Nigiriza from other sushi restaurants is the fact that you can order various types of sushi suited to your food customs or your preferences such as taking the halal and vegetarian friendly menu.

They also have Western style sushi like a cream cheese sushi or salmon & onion roll. You don’t see many sushi restaurants that can blend Japanese and Western cuisine culture, so that they can be enjoyed simultaneously. At this sushi restaurant, you can enjoy the sushi of Japan in an original style.

Shown in the photo is the Teori sushi(¥1,819 tax incluced), sold at lunchtime. First, put Nori (seaweed sheet) on Makisu (sushi mat), sushi rice, and put toppings, then roll it up. By mixing and matching seasonal ingredients, you can create an original teori sushi that is entirely your own. Recommended combinations are shown, divided into vertical sections. This menu is popular with kids.

Kobore Sushi”, the Restaurant’s Most Highly Recommended Menu

The restaurant’s most highly recommended menu item is kobore sushi, a spillover sushi. As the name suggests, it’s with so many toppings it looks like they’re all about to fall out. You can enjoy the four varieties, crab, sea urchin, minced tuna & onion, and salmon roe, at once. The taste goes without saying, but it looks amazing as well!

Service for International Tourists

Nigiriza is also notable for operating services designed for international tourists.
They accept 11 types of global currencies, and the rates are updated daily. There aren’t a huge number of foreign currency exchange counters in Hiroshima City, and this restaurant is located within walking distance of major sightseeing spots, so it’s a good place for people who want to get some Japanese Yen before going around the city.

In addition to the English menu, they also have staff capable of speaking English, so it’s easy to order and make requests!

There are capsule toys located at the entrance to the store. They’re great for using up coins, or as souvenirs for your friends and family! The fine detail in the menu, the facilities, and the services they provide are all part of the reason why Nigiriza is so beloved by international tourists.

Easy Atomosphere and  Open Space

At Nigiriza, there are none of the bar stools you see at regular sushi restaurants; the restaurant is brightly lit, has tables with lots of room to sit down, and is a great place to relax. It has a café-like casual interior.

Store manager; “I want people to relax and enjoy Japanese culture.” Here, you can enjoy sushi without worrying about formality.

Taste, Experience, and Enjoy the Show

Their menu also features a performance where the toppings are piled up right at your table. In addition to the fresh toppings, you can also experience original teori sushi, and enjoy the performance at this unique sushi shop. Come and check it out when you’re in Hiroshima!

Address 9-11 Nakajima-cho, Nakaku, Hiroshima City (map)
Closest Station 10mins walk from Hiroden “Genbaku Dome Mae”
Open  11:00am – 10:00pm
Closed Tuesday
*Will be changed in some cases.
Website Official Website
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