Sep 16, 2018 Eat&Drink Hiroshima City

Ichi, The Best Okonomiyaki Restaurant Near Peace Memorial Park

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Okonomiyaki restaurant, Ichi is located about two minutes away on foot from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Starting with okonomiyaki that has unbeatable, crispy noodles, the restaurant has a full menu, including items like oysters and steaks.

Moreover, there are also vegetarian and halal options, and the restaurant is visited by many international tourists. Today, I will introduce in detail the recommended menu as well as the services they provide.

The Best Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Peace Memorial Park Area

A special trait of Hiroshima’s famous okonomiyaki is its volume. Plenty of cabbage is included, as well as udon or soba noodles. But not all okonomiyaki is the same.
The way it is cooked depends on the restaurant, so there are individual differences in texture and flavor.

The okonomiyaki served at Ichi is not “old fashioned.” From the opening of the restaurant to today, they have continued to research many types of okonomiyaki, and have added changes to their cooking methods. What has resulted is a kind of okonomiyaki that has “the best of everything” by using many different cooking styles.

You will never get bored of the okonomiyaki at Ichi, no matter when you visit. With its fluffy steamed cabbage and crispy noodles, it’s quite a filling dish.

English Menu is Available

Okonomiyaki comes served on iron plates, so you can taste freshly cooked, piping hot okonomiyaki! By the way, the picture above shows “Basic” (¥750 tax in).

There’s an English menu here, so ordering is simple. Vegetables, pork, eggs, and Chinese noodles are included in the “Basic” option, but it’s also possible to customize the order such as requesting “double vegetables”, leaving out foods you can’t eat, or adding ingredients you like. Because of this, anyone can enjoy okonomiyaki!

Incidentally, the dish most popular with international tourists is the basic with shrimp or oysters, cheese toppings, and udon for the noodles!

Also, you can’t forget about the sauce uniquely blended by Ichi. It has a mature flavor, and is not quite as sweet and sugary as normal okonomi sauce for okonomiyaki. Sauce, mayonnaise, red pickled ginger, and even jalapenos are set at the table, available free of charge!

All You Can Drink  Service for Alcohol/Non-alcohol Beverage

With a separate payment, there’s a free refill drinks option available at Ichi Many different types of drinks are available, like beer, sours, whiskey and sodas, shochu, wine, and more. You can enjoy drinks as much as you’d like via self-service.

The price is very reasonable! It’s ¥300 (tax in) for soft drinks, and ¥1,000 (tax in) to include alcoholic drinks. Both options have a 90 minute time limit, during which you can enjoy as many drinks as you’d like.

Depending on how you pair them, you can try comparing dozens of different kinds of drinks, so how about adding the service to your food order?

The Interior Has a Stylish, Wood Toned Atmosphere!

The interior, which was renovated in 2015, has a bright and stylish atmosphere. In addition to comfortable tables, the restaurant also has a 35 seat counter where you can enjoy the sight of okonomiyaki being cooked right in front of you. It’s also okay to bring in strollers, so tourists traveling with families are sure to be happy.

Close to Major Sightseeing Spots in Hiroshima City

Ichi is within walking distance from major sightseeing destinations, such as the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park, as well as event venues. English speaking staff members are available, so please be sure to stop by when you’re out sightseeing! 

Address 5-14 Kakomachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima City (map)
Closest Station 10mins walk from Hiroden “Genbaku Dome-mae”
Open 11:00am – 10:00pm
Closed None
Website Facebook