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Cafe Trecasa – A Hidden Nostalgic Coffee Shop In Saijo, Higashi Hiroshima

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Down a narrow side street off of Sakagura Dori in the sake brewing town of Saijo, a wooden house built over 100 years ago stands quietly.

Now, that house is remodeled into a cafe called cafe Trecasa. This space, which embraces the deep and gentle comfort it holds, is a kind of hideout for adults, a place that fuses the “good old things” from both Japan and the west.

A Hideout for Adults Tucked Away on a Back Street

Past the red tiled roofs of Sakagura Dori, there is a small blue sign with a coffee cup and musical notes drawn on it. Once you find this sign, you can enter a narrow back street between houses.

Continuing down this street, which almost feels like a maze, you’ll see the cafe Trecasa. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see its big, glass bay windows.

The store was once used as lodging house for students. The owner Mr. Miyake says that the inspiration for the cafe came to him when he saw house’s bay windows stretching out into the street.

The interior is modeled in a way that makes the most of old things. Old stairs and pillars are used just as they were, and the original ceiling boards are now used for the front part of the counters. It’s a quiet and relaxing space that brings together a retro feel from both Japan and the west.

You can sit on the mid-century sofa and take in soft light from the windows.

The owner used to be in a band, and he now selects unique background music that you can easily relax to, such as Blossom Dearie.

Cooking to Bring out the Best in All Ingredients

I recommend the lunch where you can enjoy ingredients and cooking methods of Japan.
With the “pork and veggies steamed set”,  you can enjoy the full flavors of ingredients brought out by slowly steaming them in wooden containers.

It comes with a type of pork called “Mochi buta,” which is known for its easily melting meat, as well as nine kinds of domestic vegetables, each with its own unique texture and aroma. A smoothness and depth to the flavor is achieved by adding sweet sake to sesame sauce, which has a robust flavor thanks to its use of sesame seeds. The other sauce, a Ponzu sauce made with citrus fruits and soy sauce.

An “Ochoko,” or small ceramic cup used to drink Japanese sake, is used as a container for the traditional Japanese food, Chawanmushi (a steamed dish with ingredients added to a mixture of eggs and broth). It makes you feel the playfulness and imagination unique to this sake brewing town.

The rice, which is the staple food of Japanese cuisine, is cooked with 16 types of assorted grains for a texture full of rich flavor.

Home Roasted Coffee & Chiffon Cakes

You can’t miss out on the carefully made coffee and wonderful chiffon cake. With the home roasted coffee, the darkness of the roast and rest time after roasting is adjusted for each kind of coffee bean to bring out its individual traits.

After ordering, cups of coffee are carefully brewed one by one with paper coffee drippers. I recommend the “Costa Rican Saint Tarrazu”. It’s unbelievably fresh and clear. You can enjoy the fruitiness of coffee beans without any unpleasant bitterness.

The springy chiffon cake is the result of over ten years of experiments by the owner. The subtle sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture make it something that both women and men can enjoy.
A great thing about this cake is that you can choose your favorite type from a wide variety of options.

The one I recommend it called the “Azuki matcha crumble.” It’s a plain chiffon cake topped with soft, fresh cream, and decorated with azuki (sweet red beans) and matcha, which you might say are the key ingredients of traditional Japanese sweets.

Please come enjoy both new and old Japanese culture at cafe Trecasa, where the fine sensibilities of the owner shine through.

Shop Information

cafe Trecasa
Address 16-24 Honmachi, Saijo-cho, Higashi Hiroshima-shi (map)
Closest Station 10mins walk from Saijo station
Open 11:00am – 7:00pm (L.O.6:30pm)
Lunch time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Closed Wed, the first and third Tuesday of the month
Website Official Website