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Café Saeki – Teaching You the Importance of Food and Also Provides an Extensive Vegetarian Menu

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Café Saeki which is located at Kamiya-cho in the center of Hiroshima City, is a place that places great emphasis on providing carefully-selected food which is safe for consumption and good for the environment.

This time, I managed to speak to the Saeki Masashi, a staff member of the café about the its fixation about food and its shop concept.

Because This Is Something Eaten by People Important to You

Café Saeki has always been known as one of the few cafes in Hiroshima which offer vegetarian and vegan menus.

Apparently, this idea arose from the ideal of seeking food safety for the sake of people important to you. Masashi who used to work as in the food logistics industry, came face to face with various hidden issues arising from the pursuit of productivity and profits in the food industry.

In addition, Japan has always been lacking in its awareness about food safety as compared to other countries.

No doubt the increase in the number of people with allergic conditions led to improvements in efforts to provide more information such as place of origin and ingredients in foodstuff labels, the idea of food safety was still very much an afterthought in most households.

At this time, Masashi started to have more conversations about food with his younger brother who had a newborn in his family.

Through these exchanges, he began to rethink about the importance of food to his beloved family members and his own lifestyle.

“For the children who are going to take over the world in future and those important to me, I would like to let them have safe food and maintain a clean environment for them…”

With this thought in mind, Masashi quit his job and began his journey of developing a menu offering healthy food which is also good for the environment. And this was what led to the present-day Café Saeki.

You Are What You Eat

At Café Saeki, they choose only organic vegetables which are grown without using chemical fertilizers and vegetables grown locally in Hiroshima Prefecture.

The chef heads to the farms personally to find out from the farmers on how they grow their produce before purchasing what is to be used at the café.

The only animal protein featured in the menu i.e. chicken is also purchased with much care and attention on the kind of feed they are fed and how they are raised.

Although this method may seem like it’s part of the pursuit for food which is good for the body, it is actually a result of the process to eliminate food whereby food safety cannot be ascertained.

Besides seeking delicious food, the notion to provide healthy meals for the body has led to the usage of organic food and exclusion of animal-based food.

When compared to meat and vegetables produced overseas, they may be available for less than half the price of their domestically-produced counterparts.

On the downside, there is a likelihood of getting genetically-modified food or those containing chemical substances such as trans-fat and MSG. There would surely be nobody who wants to eat food that is bad for their health.

With this in mind, Café Saeki has made a simple and logical choice in the ingredients they use. After all, you are what you eat.

A Vegan Plate Which Pleases Both Your Mind and Body

On this day, the side dishes offered included seasonal mushrooms, chickpea hummus, freshly-harvested purple sweet potato and soy bean milk potage which is reflective of the autumn.

The bread from Oheso Café & Bakery in Sera-cho is made from locally-sourced and organic ingredients.

For someone like me who has no allergy or dietary restrictions due to religion and can eat literally everything, I was concerned that a vegan menu may not be filling but my worry was unfounded. Each and every item was made with so much care and attention that I found myself enjoying the food and its seasoning and taking a keen interest in what I was eating.

Eating is such a natural thing in our lives so for most people in this era, we hardly pay attention to the foodstuff used in our meals or how they are cooked. As such, this vegan plate was an opportunity for me to think about what a meal should be like.

You can also buy condiments and foodstuff at the merchandise corner of the café. The products on sale here vary all the time but the wheat gluten I had in the vegan plate was available when I was here.

Among the merchandise offered here, you can also buy some which are sold by weight and bring along your own containers so as to reduce the amount of waste created.

This is yet another way of showing consideration to the earth which nurtures the delicious foodstuff we eat.

Aiming for a Food Barrier-free Enviroment

By pursuing food safety, Café Saeki has developed into a place which uses organic foodstuff and excludes animal foodstuff in its menu.

In this time and age where people have food allergies or various types of dietary needs such as vegetarian and vegan as well as restrictions due to religion, this café has become a very important place for everyone to be able to have a meal together under one roof.

For people with different food preferences to gather and enjoy their food, this will also lead to them developing an interest in what they eat.

“The vegetable with no fertilizers used which I had before was delicious so I want to buy it for myself.”

“I would like to try setting a few days in the week where I do not eat meat.”
“In order to reduce the waste created from condiments and drinks, what can I do?”

Through food, people can start to make changes to how they choose food or act so as to create a better environment for the future generations.

The café hopes that with every person who changes their mindset, this will bring the world closer to its ideal.

Please do bring along your loved ones and visit Café Saeki to experience what they offer!

Café Saeki
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