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The 11 Popular Annual Events in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima

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Fukuyama, an attractive city where nature and people coexist, surrounded by calm seas and gentle mountains.There are a lot of must-see fun event such as food festival or unique contest. In this article, we’d like to share 11 popular annual events of Fukuyama city to you!

About Fukuyama City

Fukuyama city is the second largest city in Hiroshima Prefecture after Hiroshima city itself. The city, still very active today, has been an important commercial center, both through sea and land since ancient times. The city actively promotes events such as festivals and firework displays, and activities related to art and history.

Here is also “Tomo”, the place after which the cityscape in “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” was modeled. Visiting Tomo after having watched the movie is twice as fun. Sightseeing spots full of events are concentrated around Fukuyama Station, while Tomo is in the south part of Fukuyama, but there are buses traveling to there from the station making it easy to reach.

Fukuyama City’s Annual Events

Held every year in May, the “Fukuyama Rose Festival” is undoubtedly Fukuyama city’s main event. In the rose festival, visited by about 800,000 people over two days, one can enjoy the “Rose Parade”, which marches while performing and dancing, and Fukuyama’s typical cuisine. The “Fukuyama Summer Festival”, with 16,000 fireworks exploded every August, is also very enjoyable. These are just some of the events you can enjoy in Fukuyama. Here are more of them!

[January] Fukuyama Oyster Festival

A gourmet event where one can taste oyster cooked in a variety of different methods, taking place in the shopping area around Fukuyama Station. Enjoy Fukuyama’s oyster to your heart’s content!

Address AddressMiya-Dori , Hisamatsu-Dori
Date End of January

[Feburary] Tomo – Townscape Hinamatsuri

An interesting event where typical Japanese Hina dolls are displayed throughout the town of Tomo, south of Fukuyama. Here, you will be able to see historic buildings designated as cultural heritage, and luxurious decorating dolls from the Edo and Meiji periods.

Address Ichien,Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi (map)
Date End of Feb. to Mid March

[March] Fukuyama Marathon

A marathon where runners complete while enjoying the scenery around the “Ashidagawa” river flowing through Fukuyama. A lot of people, regardless of age and sex, participate every year in the Fukuyama Marathon, to simply enjoy the fun of running. Of course, there are many shops to enjoy gourmet. Enjoy running & eating!

Address Around Takegahana athletic field park of Fukuyama city (map)
Date Mid March

[May] Tomo Tourism Bram Fishing

In this event, many fascinated people look onto a reproduction of a traditional fishing method from 300 years ago unique to Fukuyama. This method, developed at the start of the Edo period, tries to catch an entire school of snappers by chasing and consequently trapping them with a group of ships. There are also visiting tours, so make a reservation in advance and enjoy the show!

Address Tanoura, Sensui-jima, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi (map)
Date Beginning of May to Mid May

[May] Fukuyama Rose Festival

Fukuyama’s biggest event, showcasing roses in the prime of their blooming in a two-day festival. In addition to events such as rose weddings, parades, and street performances, there are lots of rose-related souvenirs and foods, including Fukuyama’s typical cuisine.

Address Around Fukuyama Station (map)
Date Third Sat. and Sun. in May


[May] Fukuyama Tomo-no-Ura Benten Firefork Festival

The fireworks launched from Benten Island perfectly fit the city’s beautiful landscape! One may think that firework festivals are for the summer, but this festival, held a little earlier when the weather is still cool, can also be enjoyed by young children and the elderly.

Address Around Fukuyama Station (map)
Date Last Sat. in May

[July] Otebi Festival

The traditional Otebi “fire festival” held in Tomo is one of Japan’s three major traditional fire festivals. Behold the impressive figure of the fire, called “Otebi”, being held by the performers. Around Nunakuma Shrine, where the festival is held, there are lines of stalls to entertain many visitors.

Address Around Nunakuma Shrine  (map)
1225 Ushiroji, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Date The day before second Sun. in July

[August] Fukuyama Summer Festival

A three-day summer festival with big fireworks launched from Ashira River as a climax. The artistic firework displays, renewed every year, are artistic efforts of overwhelming beauty.

Address Around the Ashida River Bridge
Minomi-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima (map)
Date August 13-15

[September] Geta-Olympics

This big event, held in a small town of Matsunaga, on the border between Fukuyama and Onomichi, is centered on the traditional Japanese sandals known as “geta”. Other than the usual stalls selling food and trinkets, there are also some simple games that anyone can take part in. Every year, the game in which two teams try to pull a giant geta sandal as far as they can, and the one where a geta is thrown as far as possible, are great hits. It is a really exciting event.

Address Around JR Matsunaga Station North-Exist (map)
Date Mid September

[November] Fukuyama Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The “Fukuyama Chrysanthemum Exhibition”, held at the Fukuyama Castle Park near Fukuyama Castle, a 5-minute walk from Fukuyama Station, is a wonderful display of Chrysanthemum flowers. It is not just a simple collection of chrysanthemums, but it also showcases artworks made with colorful flowers and chrysanthemums raised by the elementary and middle school in the city. Fukuyama’s chrysanthemums are highly regarded as extremely beautiful flowers. Come and enjoy this wonderful sight.

Address Fukiyama Castle Park (map)
1-8 Marunouchi, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Date End of Oct. to Mid November

[December] Luxeater Fukuyama

During Luxeater, the area around Fukuyama Station including Chuo Park, Fukuyama Station Square, and Fukuyama Station Main Street, is decorated with beautiful and colorful illumination. With the workshops and nightly market, one can enjoy an artistic night scenery.

Address Chuo Park, Fukuyama Station Square, Fukuyama Station Main Street (map)
Date Mid December

Most of the events are held around May, when the roses bloom. The mild weather makes it perfect for tourism!


As most Fukuyama events are held near Fukuyama Station, they can be enjoyed by simply walking there from the station. Those held in other places, such as Chuo Park, are connected by a very affordable bus called “Mawarozu”. To get to Tomo, south of Fukuyama, one can ride on the buses that periodically leave from Fukuyama Station. Furthermore, there are direct shuttle buses during the events.

How to Access to Fukuyama from Hiroshima City

Bullet Train

Price:¥4,420 Time:  30mins  Changes: None

Hiroshima Sta.

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Shinkansen
(25 mins)


Price:¥1,940 Time: 2hours Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Itoszaki Sta.
JR Sanyo-line

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Sanyo-line


Price:¥2,350 Time: 1h45mins- Changes: None

Hiroshima Bus Center
(Downtown Hiroshima)

Fukuyama Sta.
Highway Bus


The events held near Fukuyama Station can be reached by foot, and even Tomo can be reached by bus in approximately 30 min. Neither dispersive nor cramped, Fukuyama’s events make the best possible use of this compact city. Feel free to come and visit!


(Photo by Hiroshima Prefecture/Fukuyama Convention&Visitors Association)