Oct 13, 2018 Event Shobara

“Bihoku Cosmos Picnic” Currently Underway at Bihoku Hillside Park!

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“Bihoku Hillside Park” located in Shobara city is currently holding a limited-time event called “Bihoku Cosmos Picnic” until Oct 21st (Sun). With around 1.8 million cosmos flowers covering the area, you can really enjoy the beautiful colorful scenery as well as the arrival of autumn. This time we would like to let you know about the highlights and things to see at Bihoku Cosmos Picnic as well as other autumn events being held in the area.

What is Bihoku Cosmos Picnic?

Bihoku Cosmo Picnic is a flower event held at the flower square of the Bihoku Hillside Park this time every year in autumn. In the square there are around 1.8 million cosmos, and about 2.1 million flowers in total including such as cockscomb and zinnia. The number of cosmos this year is 300,000 more than last year with 3 different varieties of cosmos in bloom, the main variety being dwarf sensation.

The blooming of the flowers varies depending on the weather and the season, however the event in this year is planned to be held at the start of Oct. The various colors of the blooming flowers spread across the landscape is very photogenic.

In addition to that, “Observatory of Flowers” was renovated in 2018, so you are not only able to enjoy the colorful cosmos flowers but also the beautiful view over the Chugoku landscape. As the name “picnic” suggests, enjoying a picnic while feeling a gentle autumn breeze is definitely a wonderful sensation.

Bihoku Cosmos Picnic
Date Sep.15(Sat.) – Oct.21(Sun.) in 2018
9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue 1300 Uehara-cho, Shobara-shi(map)
Closest Station 20 min walk from JR Nagatsuka station
Closed Mondays
Website Official Website
Entrance Fee Adults: ¥450
Elementary/Junior: Free
65 or older: ¥210
※Admission free on Sep.17th, Oct.7th and 14th

 Various Programs Prepared for the Event!

The only way to enjoy Biihoku Cosmos Picnic is not just looking at the flowers. During the event, there are various programs such as concerts and workshops being held around flower square!

Of course, many of the workshops feature plants as the main theme, however there are also workshops about making accessories using resin, leather craft, making candles and so on. Perfect as a souvenir for yourself. Excluding weekdays, the weekend is the best time as there are programs being held every week!

Canadian Canoeing Experience

This Park offers many other events during autumn. For example, at Kunikane Lake pictured above, you are able to take a go at Canadian canoeing during the Cosmos Picnic event.
After taking a short course, you can take one of the 2 to 3 person canoes out for a short paddle on the lake. Although rowing requires a certain amount of strength and teamwork, it would be great fun to try with family or friends.

Other than this, there are various events held in other facilities of the park such as tree climbing, kagura, pottery and making local cuisine. After enjoying the beautiful scenery at Bihoku Cosmos Picnic, please try the autumn events and activities!