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Unique Winter Events in Miyajima 2019 -December to February

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In December and January, various events such as religious ceremonies preventing evils as well as bringing in good fortune are held throughout in Miyajima.

Also, in February, the best season for oysters, the food event where you can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared with oysters generates excitement in the island. This article picks and introduces some of the traditional winter events in Miyajima.

[Dec.] The Chinkasai Fire Festival on New Year’s Eve!

The Chinkasai Fire Festival is held every year on New Year’s Eve in Mikasa-no-hama beach, the area between the stone torii-gate of Miyajima and the main entrance of Itsukushima Shrine and people hold up torches in the event.

This is a religious ceremony to prevent fires. Torches are gathered from each area in the town and lit by the holy fire. Literary, the beach will be in flames.

Chinkasai Fire Festival
Venue 1-1, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi(map)
Closest Station 14 mins walk from the Miyajima pier
Date & Time December 31 every year from 6:00pm

[Jan.]The Goshin’i Kenjo Shiki

The Goshin’i Kenjo Shiki, a ceremony to dedicate holy robes to the god is held in Itsukushima Shrine at 12:00 am on January 1 every year, the moment when the new year begins. The robes dedicated in the previous year are replaced with new robes tailored for the god. It is said that the mysterious power stays in the used holy robes and they are appreciated by people as charms for long life and good health.

Goshin’i Kenjo Shiki
Venue 1-1, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi(map)
Closest Station 16 mins walk from the Miyajima pier
Date&Time January 1 every year from 12:00am
Website Itsukushima Shrine
Ticket ¥300

[Jan.] The Momotesai

The Momotesai is a ceremony where literally 100 archers shoot two arrows each, making 200 arrows altogether. The character which looks like the Chinese character meaning ‘ogre’ is written on the back of the target made with the combination of three characters, ‘Ko’, ‘Otsu’, and ‘Nashi’ which mean equality.
The archers shoot their arrows to the target wishing no arguments among people.

Venue Omoto, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi(map)
Closest Station 33 mins walk from the Miyajima pier
Date&Time January 20 every year from 11:00am

[Feb.]The Setsubun Warding-Off Evil Ritual

Japanese people traditionally throw beans every year on February 3, Setsubun, wishing to get rid of bad luck and bring in good luck. Also, in Daisho-in Temple of Miyajima holds the Setsubun warding-off Evil Ritual, bean throwing event.

On the day, bean and rice cake throwing is organized to ward off evils and bring in luck in Daisho-in Temple. Experience the Japanese traditional cultural event also taken place at home when you visit Miyajima.

Setsubun warding-off Evil Ritual
Venue 210 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi-shi(map)
Closest Station 23 mins walk from the Miyajima pier
Date&Time February 3 every year from 11:00am

[Feb.]Miyajima Oyster Festival

Hiroshima is famous for its oyster farming. In February, the best season for oyster, the annual event Miyajima Oyster Festival is held. Many locals and visitors gather in the square in front of the Miyajima pier for oyster dishes available from ¥100 to ¥200 , fresh oysters sold by the farmers and the local specialties.

Also, with the Miyajima drums stage performance, the entire island has a lively atmosphere.

Miyajima Oyster Festival
Venue In front of Miyajima Pier, Hatsukaichi-shi(map)
Closest Station Near the Miyajima pier
Date & Time Second Saturday and Sunday in February every year
*from 10:00 until oysters last
Website Miyajima Oyster Festival

The best season to enjoy oysters in Miyajima is winter. Thus, you can enjoy not only the winter events but also local tastes. Also, the view of snow-covered Torii gate and Itsukushima Shrine is very atmospheric.
If you plan to visit Miyajima in winter, you should not miss to experience the traditional events held in the island.