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Cycling Shimanami Kaido with Popular Rental Cycle in Onomichi -The Cyclist Sanctuary

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Shimanami Kaido is a highly-recommended tourist site in Hiroshima Prefecture for everyone who enjoys cycling. Also known as the holy place for cycling, over tens of thousands of cyclists visit this area every year. This time, we would like to introduce Shimanami Kaido, a must-visit for all cyclists.

About Shimanami Kaido

Shimanami Kaido is a road that connects several islands scattered in the Seto Inland Sea, situated between Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. Although it used to be a motorway, it later came to integrate a bike path. Afterwards, it became incredibly popular among cyclists, that it is now commonly referred to as the cyclist’sanctuary.

With a total length of about 70 kilometers, the road connects Onomichi City and Imabari City, and runs through a total of 6 islands (Mukaishima, Innoshima, Ikuchishima, Omishima, Hakata, and Oshima Island.)

The Best Scenic Cycling Route in Japan

The most attractive aspects of Shimanami Kaido are its gorgeous view along the coast, and the unique and dynamic experience of crossing the ocean on your bicycle. Since it is painstakingly maintained by the city, Shimanami Kaido has a smooth road that makes it great for cycling.

There are also bicycle rental services available on-site, and you can enjoy without needing to bring your own bicycle. Moreover, many convenient cyclist-friendly facilities are existed on the route, such as cycling stations, and hotels for cyclists.

Where to Borrow Rental Cycle in Shimanami Kaido?

Shimanami Rental Cycle

This service offers you 14 terminals on the shimanami rode, so that you can pickup or leave the bike on the way!
You can borrow the cycle at the terminal, but we recommend to make a reservation before so that you can ride your favorite bike!

Shimanami Rental Cycle Onomichi Port Terminal
Address Higashigoshocho, Onomichi (map)
Open [Mar-Nov] 7:00a.m-7:00p.m.
[Dec-Feb] 8:00a.m-6:00p.m
Website Official Website 

Rental Price

Adult Child Deposite
Mini-belo Bike
Cross Bike
City Cicle
¥1,000 ¥300 Adult:¥1,000
Tandem Bike ¥1,200
Electric Powerd Bike ¥1,500

 The Red Bicycles Onomichi

A Helmet, a wire lock, a head light, and an inner tube replacing kit(a spare tube, tire levers) are free rent. Please make sure to send a reservation request before you go!

Address 1-10-5 Tsuchido Onomichi (map)
Open 8:00-5:30
Website Official Website 

Rental Price

1day ¥3,500
2days ¥6,000
Rent SPD / SPD SL pedal (option) ¥500

*All charge is excluding tax(8%)

Giant Store

If you are looking for authentic bicycle, this store is perfect for you!  Please make a booking through web site. You can make a booking from 60 days to 2 days (untill 15:00)prior to pickup date.

Address 1-10-5 Tsuchido Onomichi (map)
Open 8:00-5:30
Website Official Website 


Rental Price

5Hour 1Day 2Days
Cross Bike ¥3,000 ¥4,000 ¥6,500
Alminum Road Bike ¥3,500 ¥5,000 ¥8,000
Carbon Road Bike ¥5,000 ¥7,000 ¥12,000
Premium Carbon Road Bikes ¥9,000 ¥13,000 ¥20,000
Kid’s Bike ¥2,000 ¥3,000 ¥5,000

 Tourist Spots Near Shimanami Kaido Cycling Route


Oyama Shrine,  known as the “bicycle shrine” is located in Innoshima Island.  Although there are so many shrines in Japan, shrine specific for cycling safety is very rare.  If you are a cyclist, why don’t you take a visit, and pray for your special journey?

Address 1424-2 Habu-cho, Innoshima, Onomichi (map)
Open 9 a.m-5 p.m
Closed None
Website Ooyama Shrine Official Website


The second is Hassakuya in Innoshima Island, where you can purchase Hassaku Daifuku (mochi with Hassaku orange). Containing Hassaku orange, a specialty of Innoshima Island, the Daifuku is known for its exquisite combination of sweetness and sourness of the unique citrus fruit.  Hassaku Daifuku is very popular and hard to com by outside Hiroshima. I ‘d like to  recommend to  try them out strongly!

Address 246-1 Innoshima Ohama Cho, Onomichi (map)
Open 8 a.m- 5 p.m
Closed Monday&Tuesday
Website Hasakuya Tripadvisor

Access to Shimanami Kaido (Onomichi Sta.) from Hiroshima City

Bullet Train+JR Train

Price:¥4,750  Time: 1h-1.5 Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Fukuyama Sta.
JR Shinkansen

Onomichi Sta.
JR Sanyo Line

JR Train

Price:¥1,490  Time: 1.5h-2h Changes: 1time

Hiroshima Sta.

Itozaki Sta.
JR Shinkansen

Onomichi Sta.
JR Sanyo Line


Price:¥1,750 Time: 1.5h Changes: None

Hiroshima Bus Center

Onomichi Sta.
Highway Bus
Flower Liner


Shimanami Kaido is a place that all cyclists want to visit at least once in a life time. You will no doubt be delighted cycling while enjoying the magnificent view of the Setouchi Sea. There are also valuable tourist sites, unique delicacies, and opportunities to experience the islands’ distinct cultures. If you like cycling, and are planning to visit Hiroshima, do consider paying a visit to Shimanami Kaido.