Jul 14, 2018 Hiroshima City

7 Tax Free Shops in Hiroshima City Down Town Area!

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If two shops are selling the same product, the cheapest option is best! There are lots of Tax-free stores in Hiroshima, so if you want to enjoy shopping, it’s a good idea to check them out. In this article, I’ll introduce some of the Tax-free stores around Hiroshima City!

Hondori Street

Hondori Street, located in the Hiroshima city center, is a shopping district with several shops. They’re all under one roof, so you don’t need to worry about the weather. The street links the Hatchobori and Kamiyacho areas, so if you’re out sightseeing in the rain or hot sunny day, I recommend using this street.

There are also several tax-free shops for international tourists. Drugstores like Wants, Daikoku Drug, and Cocokarafine are all tax-free as well. They’re good for buying products like cosmetics, medicine, and food.

Some of the clothes shops are also tax-free.

Large Second-Hand Shops

Tax-free second-hand shop, BOOK OF SUPER BAZZER. In addition to books, they have other second-hand items like clothes, appliances, games, toys, and instruments for affordable prices. It would be fun even if you’re just looking around. It’s also close to Hondori Street and Peace Memorial Park, so why not have a look?

BOOK OF SUPER BAZZER Hiroshima Otemachi
2-7-6 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima (map)
Access 1min walk from Hiroshima Electric Railway “Fukuromachi Station”
Open 10 a.m-10 p.m


Discount Shop

DON Quijote is located in Hiroshima city center. In addition to the fact that it’s not only tax-free shop, but also you can make purchase in foreign currency, and get your purchases delivered to the airport. They sell many stuff for less than standard retail price, such as food products, general appliances, and Hiroshima souvenirs as well.

Don Quixote Hiroshima Hacchoubori
Address 5-3 Shintenchi,Naka-ku(map)
Open 10:00a.m.-5:00a.m. (7 Days Week)

Shopping Mall&Department Store

PARCO Hiroshima

At shopping malls or department stores in Hiroshima City, some of the shops are tax-free. For instance, in “PARCO Hiroshima”, sports shops like “KAMO”, “Murasaki Sports”, and general/appliance shops like “MUJI” are tax-free.

PARCO Hiroshima
10-1 Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima (map)
Access 5mins walk from Hacchobori Station”
Open 10 a.m-8p.m
Website PARCO


Although there are tax-free shops in SOGO, please note that some shops like “LOFT”and “Edion” are not tax-free.

SOGO Hiroshima 
6-27 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima (map)
Access 5mins walk from “Kamiyacho-Nishi”
Open 10 a.m-8p.m
Restaurant Floor is open 11 a.m-10 p.m
Website Sogo


Pacela, which is next to SOGO, also has some tax-free shops such as ANGLOBAL SHOP.

Pacela Hiroshima
6-78 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima(map)
Access 3mins walk from “Kamiyacho-Nishi”
Open 10 a.m-8p.m
Restaurant Floor is open 11 a.m-10 p.m
Website Pacela

Convenience Stores

Even some convenience stores in central Hiroshima are tax-free. Chains like Seven-Eleven and Lawson often have tax-free shops near from the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park. Great place to visit during a rest from sightseeing.

Use Tax-Free Shops to Get Good Deals!

As I’ve shown you in this article, Hiroshima City has many tax-free shops. Take it into consideration when planning your trip!