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Miyajima Beer, You’ll Regret If You Miss It!

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Do you like beer? Miyajima beer is a delicious beer that you’ll want to drink when in Hiroshima even if you don’t like beer! Using information we got from talking directly to Mr. Arimoto, who is the leader of the company that produced this beer, I’ll tell you all about the types of beer, so you can find one that’s perfect for you.

Story of Miyajima Beer

Shigeki Arimoto who produced Miyajima beer, first discovered the great taste of handmade beer when he drank a beer called San Francisco-made Anchor Liberty Ale at a cafe. “I want to create a great craft beer like this, and produce beer that will satisfy lots of people, to give back to the world” Then,  Miyajima beer was created! It was first released in June 2011, and over 300 people attended tastings in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Miyajima.

What is Miyajima beer?

What Kind of Beer?

This beer uses water from the Miyajima underground springs, and the beer is then created delicately over a long period of time. This underground spring was dug out back in the Edo period, and water is still gushing out today. In addition to the sweet taste, it also contains a mineral called *”Silica”.

*Silica:A component of skin and hair, it is an important mineral for strong hair, nails, and bones.

Apparently there’s so much Silica because there are lots of crystals lying in the ground under the mountains of Miyajima, and because the forests of Mt. Misen are untouched by humans.

Miyajima Mineral Warter

Another characteristic of Miyajima beer is that the *brewer’s yeast, which is known to be good for you, is not filtered out. It’s also slightly whiter than usual because it’s heated up to kill bacteria for long-term preservation.

*Brewer’s Yeast: A nutritional goldmine containing loads of Protein, essential amino acids, and over 10 kinds of amino acid, Vitamin B, mineral,dietary fiber and iron.

When you pour the caramel blond into the glass, it’s a beautiful amber color! The fruity aroma and lingering bitterness is amazing! Caramel blond is not too bitter, it’s easy to drink, and I personally loved it!
The fragrance was so fruity that as I was pouring the Pale ale, my daughter said, “I smell melon!”.

Types and Prices

3 types, Pale Ale, Weizen, Caremel Blond, are sold in cans, and only Pale Ale is sold in bottles.

Each type has slightly different illustrations on the packaging.

Type Prices
Can Pale Ale ¥460
Weizen ¥450
Caramel Blond ¥450
Bottle Pale Ale ¥550

Also, there’s another 6 types of beer besides the 3 types I just talked about.
You can also drink it at MIYAJIMA BREWERY, a restaurant run by Miyajima beer.


Enjoy some Miyajima beer while looking out at the Miyajima scenery.

They have beer with fruit in it, so if you like uncommon things, or if you don’t usually like beer, this might be perfect for you!

Miyajima Beer Prices

S/ 185ml L/ 400ml
Momiji Ale ¥400 ¥650
Pale Ale
Caramel Blond
Golden Ale
Weizen ¥500 ¥800
Blood Orange
Haginatsu Mikan Ale
Hagi Yuzu Ale


The Flavor of Beer

Of course, the flavor is the most important thing. If you read this, I think you’ll be able to tell which one you’ll like most!

Pale Ale

Method The aroma and bitterness are produced by separately using 2 kinds of yeast on 2 occasions in the brewing process.
*Bittering hops to produce bitterness, and aroma hops to produce the aroma.
Flavor&Taste Characterized by a full-bodied flavor, and a flowery citrus aroma and bitterness.
ALC 5.0%
Meal Goes well with bold flavored meal
Recommended for For the person who like fresh flavor


Method Made by top-fermenting, using over 50% wheat malt.
Flavor&Taste A slightly sweet beer, full-bodied with a fruity taste, and a smooth texture.
ALC 5.0%
Meal Goes great with shellfish. Also good to have with food that uses the flavor of ginger.
Recommended for  It has a very fruity flavor, so it’s a good choice for women. It’s a traditional German beer, so it’s popular with beer lovers and beer experts.

Caramel Blond

Method This beer is made by fermenting inside the bottle. It’s full-bodied with a strong flavor, produced by aging for a long time.
Flavor&Taste This beer is made with caramel malt. Full-bodied, slightly sweet, and with less carbonation than average.
ALC 4.5%
Meal Good with nuts and shellfish. A bit sweet. I think it’s great to drink as is.
Recommended for With low carbonation and bitterness, it has a sweet flavor, so it’s a good choice for women to drink. I especially recommend it for people who don’t normally drink beer.

What did you think?
Now I’ll tell you about the other 6 types, so you’ll know what you want to get.


Characteristic A beer that’s red like the colors of autumn (momiji). Full-bodied yet light.
ALC  5.0%



Characteristic This beer goes down easily, and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste.
ALC  5.0%



Characteristic With this refreshing ale, you can taste the fragrance and bitterness of citrus as it goes down your throat.
ALC 4.5%


Characteristic A fruit beer, produced in Setoda, Hiroshima, that contains blood oranges.
ALC 4.5%



Characteristic A fruit beer, produced in Hagi, Yamaguchi, made by adding the juice of summer oranges and fermenting, then putting in the peel.
ALC 4.5%



Characteristic A fruit beer, produced in Hagi, Yamaguchi, made with the peel of the yuzu fruit. A nice level of bitterness with a touch of sweet.
ALC 5.0%

The most popular is Momiji Ale and second is Pale Ale, followed by Pilsner in third!
What flavor of Miyajima beer would you like to try?

Where to Buy?

Next I’ll show you some places where you can buy it even if you’re not going to Miyajima, such as Hiroshima Station and Hiroshima Airport.

Shops near by Miyajima
-JR Miyajima Pier KIOSK
Hotels nearby Miyajima
-Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto
Aroud Central Hiroshima City ,Hiroshima Station
-Hiroshima Station Meitengai (Shuho masamune, Sakesho Yamada)
-Seven Eleven(Hiroshima Kyobashicho, Noborimachi-higashi)

Places You Can Drink!

Then we’ll go over 2 spots directly run by Miyajima beer Co.,Ltd.!


Miyajima Brewery is at about 10 mins walk from ferry terminal.


They get a lot of international customers, and during cherry blossom season, they say about 90% of the customers are from overseas. Here you can also enjoy dishes unique to Hiroshima, such as the oyster fliters that use Miyajima beer in the batter.

Try the Sample Select!  At this location, there’s a menu called Sample Select where you can try out Miyajima beer!The selections are made up of 3 small (185mL) beers, and you can choose between the “standard,” with beers that go well with food, and the delicious fruity tastes of “seasonal fruits.” It’s a perfect choice for those of you who want to try a bit of all the different flavors.

 Trying Out 3 Types Standard
 Selection of going well with meals
-Momiji Ale
-Pale Ale
 Trying out 3 Types Fruits
 Selection of enjoyable Fruits flavor
-Blood Orange
-Summer Orange Ale

They also offer a new service where they’ll pour your beer into a bottle! (450ml ¥800/including tax)



Have you ever thought that it’s inconvenient to carry a cup while out sightseeing? Well, this bottle has a plastic caps, so you don’t have to finish your beer at once. As long as it’s on the same day, you can even take it home to drink!

Address 459-2 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi (map)
Open 11:00am – 8:30pm
Closed Thursday
*Subject to change depending on weather conditions.
Website Tripadvisor

Beer Stand Miyajima Beer Sprout

And one more place!
In Central Hiroshima City, there are stands where you can drink Miyajima beer whenever you feel like it.

Here you can enjoy Miyajima beer’s smooth, creamy head that only draft beer has!
They’re open only on Fridays and Saturdays that aren’t holidays, so make sure you go on the right day.

Miyajima Beer Sprout
Address 1F 4-18 Nagarekawacho, Naka-ku Hiroshima (map)
Open 5:30pm – 11:00pm
Only on Fridays and Saturdays that aren’t holidays
Closed Holidays
Website Tripadvisor


Customer’s Voice from Miyajima Brewery

Photo Credit: Miyajima Beer Co.,Ltd