Aug 29, 2018 Eat&Drink Hiroshima Prefecture

Great Services of Japanese Convenience Stores for Foreign Travellers

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Do you know convenience store’s in Japan offering special services for tourists? Japan’s convenience stores have an exceptionally large supply of products and services,so they can be useful when you come to Japan.
I’ll explain how best to use the stores, and how to use the services offered to tourists.

Abundance of Products & Open 24/7 !

In Japan, almost all convenience stores operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they have a surprisingly high number of products. In addition to food, they also stock an array of everyday items like shampoo and kitchen utensils. There’s lots of products that you’ll need!

What Are the Services for International Tourists?

They have a lot of services for international tourists. (*Some stores may not have these services)

Tax-Free service

Some convenience stores offer a tax-free service. From cheap ¥30 candy to some other products like cosmetics are tax-free. The stores can show you how to use the service, so if you want it, make sure to choose the stores with a tax-free service. By the way, for convenience stores in Hiroshima City, “7-Eleven” and “Lawson” stores by sightseeing spots often have a tax-free service.

Free WiFi

Several of convenience stores offer free WiFi. Some stores also work with the app, Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi, designed for the tourists. Check the logo at the front of the store!

Credit card use

Most convenience stores allow you to pay by credit card. Although you can’t split payments, you don’t need to exchange foreign currency, and can buy things smoothly.

ATMs that accept International cards

At some of the ATMs at the stores, you can use a foreign card at any time to get Japanese yen, and some support foreign languages as well, so it’s easy to use!

How to Use It More Convenient

Convenience stores are not just places to enjoy shopping. For instance, at “Lawson”, which has several locations in Hiroshima, you can purchase tickets for things like the express bus and sport matches, and use the international prepaid service.

“Loppi” located inside Lawson, supports English, Chinese, and Korean.  You can easily use it to accept items purchased from the online shop, buy tickets, and apply to use the international prepaid service.

While this isn’t in Hiroshima, you can purchase tickets for amusement parks such as “Universel Studio Japan”. By purchasing your ticket beforehand, you can get into the park without hassle.

Take Advantage of the Hospitality of Convenience Stores!

There are many services designed for the tourists at convenience stores in Japan, and they always seem to offer new items,so drop by and see by yourself! Make sure to use them when you visit Japan.